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Ian Zering, 50, Returns To Dance With The Chippendales

It shocked no one when original 90210 star Ian Zering signed-up to become a celebrity guest of the Chippendales last year. He's aged nicely, and for 49, looked damn good. It should also come as no surprise, then, that Ian, now 50, has returned to dance with the Vega-s based Chippendales, and looks even better this time around!

After rave reviews in 2013, Ian is once again an honorary celebrity Chippendale. You can find the '90s TV hunk on stage at Rio through July 20, or in these nifty promo images from the red carpet event here:

(Source: PITNB)


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Grrrreat! All we needed was another has-been Danny Bonaduce living out his midlife crisis in public.  

Funny iam younger then him now but when he was on 90210 he was younger then me.!!!!!!!!


Get over yourselves.... 50 is always hot on a man who takes care of his body and skin... exercises and eats with some attention.   This 65 year old looks 55 .. and is always getting hit on by 20  and 30 some thing's that have a thing for good looking MATURE men..... who are far from old.   Just saying  and thanks.

"This 65 year old looks 55 .. and is always getting hit on by 20  and 30 some thing's that have a thing for good looking MATURE men"

Uh..sure you do, toots. 


Omg! very very very very very very very attractive!! does not look 49?!



His profile shows NO ass! His body skin is old and sun damaged and his hair looks like an advert for Hair Club For Men!

you should kill yourself

My Gawwwdd!!! Man what is your problem?  Can we see a pic of you please so we can run you  down?  LMAO!

Seriously? Have you seen most 25 year-olds... let alone what most 50 year-olds look like? It's encouraging that someone above the age of 20 can get a Chippendale-worthy physique without looking like a HGH freak. 

who gives a fuck about his hair   hes hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!b

I want him to fuck me.

Looks like he is wearing a hair system too. 

Wow. He does not look 50. Shows what exercise can do! And some good moisturizer probably also. 

Looking great! Hotter than his 90210 days!

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