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Iceland Shows Homophobia Won't Be Tolerated; Epicly Trolls Homophobic Evangelist

It looks like Iceland is giving the world an excellent lesson in trolling--and a homophobic preacher is on the receiving end!

It was announced that Franklin Graham, the vocally homophobic son of evangelist Billy Graham, would be appearing in Iceland to speak at an event. Graham actively supported the ban on same-sex marriage in his home state, North Carolina; he also called President Obama's announcement that he supported same-sex marriage "a sad day for America."

Graham says, “The institution of marriage should not be defined by presidents or polls, governors or the media. The definition was set long ago and changing legislation or policy will never change God’s definition.”

Well Icelanders aren't all about that nonsense. Same-sex marriage has been legal in the country since 2010, so they immediately took action--in the most awesome way possible--when it was revealed that Graham would be making an appearance. 

International Business Times reports:

Icelanders are outraged that Franklin Graham is holding a festival in Reykjavík next month, but they’re literally not taking it sitting down.

In a social media-fueled protest against the avowed anti-gay-marriage evangelist, Iceland residents are reserving hundreds of tickets to Graham’s sermons with the intention of leaving the seats empty.


Graham is set to appear Sept. 28-29 at the Festival of Hope, which he reportedly organized at the request of Icelandic churches. The event is free, but, according to the website, attendees may reserve as many as four tickets in advance. They may also make special requests for groups of 20 or more.

Shortly after tickets became available Wednesday, users on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit began spreading the word that protesters were reserving seats for the event, but not planning to show up. Protesters say the goal is to leave the controversial Graham with an empty venue when he appears at Reykjavík’s Laugardalshöll arena next month. One Icelandic software developer, Elvar Thormar, wrote on Facebook that he’d reserved 500 tickets.

According to the Icelandic ticketing website, the event was already sold out Friday, when all available tickets had already been reserved.


We're dying to see pics of Franklin Graham walking out into an empty venue courtesy of the Icelandic people's epic trolling. 

Make it happen!


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Of course, now that this is public knowledge, he will either release many of the seats or not show up at all.  Way to ruin a good thing.


Can't wait to see it either - though I am sure, when he hears that the venue is empty, he won't bother.  

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