Idaho Man Who Robbed & Lured Gay Man To His Death Gets 28 Years To Life in Prison

Kelly Schneider, the 23-year-old Idaho man who posed as an escort and lured 49-year-old Steven Nelson to his death, has been sentenced to 28 years to life in prison.

From the Idaho Statesman:

“Steven wasn’t our gay brother. He was just our brother,” said sister Connie Nelson-Cleverley.

To her left, clad in a yellow-and-white striped jail jumpsuit, sat 23-year-old Schneider.

Head bowed, he listened to the Nelsons speak for about an hour. His head stayed down as the judge handed down his sentence: Life in prison, with 28 years before he’ll be eligible for parole.

The judge, whose sentence was more harsh than the standard for murder in Idaho, said he believed Schneider “should not be released any earlier than reaching the age of 60. And that may be too soon.”

Ryan’s decision Monday came after testimony from prosecutors that Schneider has a history of violent behavior. Prosecutors also pointed out that the group involved in the murder planned similar robberies in the same time frame.

Schneider, believed to be the “ringleader” of the crime, in January pleaded guilty to the murder and robbery. Accused of targeting Steven Nelson because he was gay, Schneider later pleaded guilty to a federal hate crime. He will be sentenced on that later charge on April 26, nearly a year to the day after the attack.

Schneider offered the family an apology:

“I understand that no matter what I do, I can never make right what I did wrong. ... I’m not asking anybody for forgiveness, because I don’t deserve it,” the soft-spoken Schneider then said.

What's your reaction to the sentencing?


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