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'If Disney Villains Had Grindr..." Raises An Interesting Discussion

Everything Gay shared a pretty creative collection of Disney villain Grindr profiles, but one thing seems to be the topic of conversation amongst those submitting comments...

Take a look at the images and we'll discuss below!

And we're not exactly sure why Ken's included, but we'll roll with it.

A lot of the commentary (at Everything Gay) surrounds the question of whether these images are "poz-phobic"?? You'll notice there are multiple instances of "neg 4 neg," "neg only," etc.

​It's an interesting topic of discussion and it's certainly reflective of what can be seen on many-a-gay sex/dating app, where stigmatizing of HIV-positive men can be quite prevalent. 

One might argue that since these are "villains," being poz-phobic could be considered a villainous trait, but that might be a stretch. 

Or...maybe these are simply meant to be funny and people are taking it too seriously? Tell us what you think, Instincters.


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If the omission is intentional, it could be well meaning: A true villain would use their poz status as part of their villiany, no? The murmurings of possibly stigmatizing poz men would be overwhelmingly preferred to the backlash of actually villianizing them.

The first thing I thought when I saw the profiles was, "There is no way Scar would be neg."

I think you could argue some subtle stigma for sure. Pretty irresponsible on the creator's part, if not intentional.

Ken is a villain in TOY STORY 3.
Because I know you really care.

Maybe it's highbrow humor masquerading as something juvenile?  "neg 4 neg" as in, negative by nature - the heroes are positive, the villains are negative?  - "Nah let's just label it hate it's much easier"

The fact that none of them are POZ or looking for POZ pretty much sends a none-too-subtle message that POZ guys are damaged goods. 

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