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'If Gay Guys Said The Sh*t Straight People Say...'

Do any of these sound familiar, Instincters??

The video was created by Daniel-Ryan Spaulding.


(H/T: Towleroad)



Most straight guys rarely have conversations with gay guys, and vice versa I've found. Straight guys and gay guys live in two different worlds and rarely ever cross paths, so maybe this video is referring to closeted gay guys who are trying to test the waters maybe? 

I'm sorry, but the fuck kinda shit is this? 

Oh HELL yes!!!

Very funny! "Mcburger "add some "spice" and lighten up. 

HORRIBLE f*cking video!

:-)  Agreed!

I disagree.  It has all been done before...over and over and over and it's old.  If it were funny or witty, I would probably feel differently about it.  I guess I don't know many straight people who are ignorant and stupid like the ones that the guy in the video portrays.  If it were more intelligent humor doing the same thing, I would probably like it but I feel that it's too blunt and obvious to be funny, thereby coming off as insulting.

...and Andrew, you sound brilliant!

I agree with Michael in the sense that making fun of others might not be the best way to making a point (even if that meant that Gay people went through that before...actually this is only one more reason to choose not to do the same to others, makes sense?). But in the case of the video, I also think it is not "heavy-handed" but rather just a good humor - so I guess straight people would not take it "heavily" :)

It is pointing out hetero normative values that many hetero sexuals take for granted.  In other words if gay people were to say the same things that "straight" people say, it looks odd

Michael, WOW! Talk about missing the point! Are you like maybe 13? I do not say that as an insult but you don't seem to have any empathy for what gay people regularly go through! This video is illustrating the kind of questions that I am often asked as a gay man by "straight liberals". They believe that they are truly doing gay people a favor by not stoning them to death, but then ask questions that are insulting, or in some way (consciously or unconsciously) demean us. For example, I am straight acting, but even the tiniest deviation from straight male mannerisms is a BIG DEAL to straights. This guy, supposedly a straight supporter, walked up to me one day and said "I've been watching you talk to someone. Man, if you flapped your hands any more you'd take off! HA, HA, HA".  Actually, I was suddenly back in grade school being picked on again for being a sissy boy. I had to breath deeply to get it together without striking out, since this was an attack upon my gayness. Trust me, I do not flap my arms around, but to this guy, even the slightest movement was "so gay".  You have somehow totally missed out on understanding how this video turns it around so straight people can see how it feels. It is a learning moment, not an insult.

Will Christie, all I have to say to you is EXACTLY"! You hit the nail on the head! Thank you. (If you even own a know....being gay'n all. Lol.) 

Exactly.   In the same vein, I am certain that the actor/comedian in this video would never say anything like that to someone in real life, because it could be misconstrued.   I have actually had several of the things said in this video said to me in real life, and it does get old.   Every ADULT should have access to the Internet and be able to do research on their "gay" questions and not have to embarrass a gay person with them.   Personal remarks like "flapping your hands" are uncalled for, and crass.   I had a child tell me that I "talked like a girl" when I was at work.   His mother was present, and I told him, "Your mother should tell you that it is inappropriate to make personal remarks to an adult."   The point did not escape her.

You know what satire is...right?

I'm gay and I find that offensive to straight people.  It's making fun of them, exactly what we do not want them to do to us...and it's not even mildly amusing!

I'm straight and I didn't find it offensive in the slightest - on the contrary, I found it amusing and I suppose, insightful. Whilst I don't tend to use such sentences myself, I can imagine that others would watch this and hopefully realize that some of the questions and/or statements they make towards gay men (I assume, because gay men and women are foreign to them) make them sound like idiots for one, but in some cases, can be quite rude or insensitive.

Ummmmm...PC much???  I could swear that train left twenty years ago.  Straight guys would find this humourous (the ones that would understand)

During my activism days I would use these same questions as answers to "their" questions way back when.  Trust me.  It made a difference.

Try this, y'ol' stuffed shirt, look back and remember and have a laugh.

It's good for the health.

Michael, I hope you are joking. If not,'m not even gonna try...

Not joking at's not funny and its unnecessary.

Micheal, you're such a jerk. 

Michael, I am also Michael. The video was obviously meant to show how awkward it is when straight people talk to gay people like that. Straight people are so used to their manuerisms that they find it completely normal, but then find gay people strange. The same could be said about straight people when viewed from the gay community. The video wasn't made to poke fun at straight people or to turn the tables around, simply to enlighten. 

Exactly.   Put very concisely, Mikeyyy.

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