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If Girls Hit On Guys Like Guys Hit On Girls (And Other Guys)

Confident (and/or desperate) straight and gay men certainly have an identifiable style of flirting. What if girls swapped out the generalized passivity to hit on guys with the same blunt approach they use? BuzzFeed imagines such a world, and it includes a gaggle of girls encouraging two men to kiss at a party, obviously. 

Did BuzzFeed get it right?


Two things come to my mind about this.

1. You would have to be single to do it or in a relationship that is going nowhere.

2. You want a change.

Also two guys kissing is gross.  Same thing with two females.  Sorry but I don't think it is hot  or anything else.  Gays hang together most of the time anyway.  They don't care about other people and don't associate with straight couples.  I know this because I have two guys that are gay that are my neighbors and that is how they treat us all the time.  So there is my opinion.

Well, I dont know, maybe they dont associate with you because you feel like their lifestyle is gross. And actually, Gays tend to be the most considerate and sympathetic people I've ever met. They care for others. All the Gays I've ever mer hang out with straight couples, and quite frankly I think they're better than heterosexuals.

Did you ever stop and think that maybe the reason they don't associate with you is because of you and not because you are straight? 

That's totally how I hit on guys. It's more subtley with girls.

Guys kissing each other is the new black! 

Women do do this. Especially once they hit 35. I once had two girls, strangers I had just met, dare me to kiss their straight guy friend because they thought that two straight guys kissing was hot. I had no problem with it, and their "straight" friend didn't either.

This is hot n I like guys in Leather Pants!!

The two guys kissing is pretty hot:)

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