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IKEA Chair / Testicular Mishap Gets Emmy Nod

In November of last year, we covered the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel skit “The Ballad of Claus Jorstad (Devil Stool),” mentioned below.  I was a little honored and awestruck when the show retweeted the story.  Thanks Jimmy!

We weren't the only ones to get a chuckle and a laugh and mabye some pain down there for the skit now has received an Emmy nomination. The skit, which was written by Jimmy and Gary Greenberg and was sung by very yummy country music star Justin Moore recently earned an Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics category.

“If you had told me I would be a part of earning an Emmy nod for singing a song about what I did, I would have thought you were crazy,” said Justin. “Nonetheless, it’s very cool to hear. I’m excited for Jimmy and his crew. Hopefully, we can bring it home. They told me this week they would share it with me, so it would be pretty cool to add an Emmy to the mantle.” -

Here's our coverage of “The Ballad of Claus Jorstad (Devil Stool)” from last November.

We all have a shower toy or two.  If not, go get one!  They can be a lot of fun, alone or in pairs.  But take this video below as a fair warning, IKEA stools are not a shower toy.

Jimmy recently came across a story about a Norwegian man named Claus Jorstad. The reason Claus made the news is because he bought a shower stool from IKEA and once he got home and sat on the stool something very unpleasant happened. It's a hard story to hear, so rather than just tell you about it, we enlisted the help of a young singer named Justin Moore who was kind enough to give voice to this terrible tale of a Norwegian nut with a very sad sack. - Jimmy Kimmel Live

I'm gonna sit down for this video but wiggle around as if physically uncomfortable.



Thanks Jimmy Kimmel Live  for the laughs and we will take the warning.

Of course we had to watch this video a couple of times, but we as well had to look up the name of the chair. Marius for under $5.  Seems a lot less scary than TESTIKULLEPINCHENGRABBENIN.



h/t:  Jimmy Kimmel Live