Illinois Finally Bans Disturbing "Gay Panic Defense" In Court

Illinois is now the second state after California to ban the "Gay Panic Defense," and once you hear about what this defense - still applicable, although rare, in other states - entails, you might want to see its removal in your state like ASAP. Because, it be cray. Starting tomorrow, January 1st, the courts in Illinois will no longer acknowledge the Gay Panic Defense. And if you think that just sounds like an intense law-themed gay sex club, here's what it's really all about according to The Associated Press:

There are variations, but it generally goes like this: A person doesn't realize someone is gay or transgender and engages in a flirtation, then discovers that person's sexual orientation and that discovery triggers a passionate involuntary response such as murder.

And it's a law-themed gay sex club. Anybody who's ingested any sort of LGBTQ media knows that violent attacks against trans people in particular are frighteningly common. I personally think of the lovely and iconic Venus Xtravaganza from Paris is Burning, and I I can't believe that her tragic demise could ever be rationalized by the courts. While the Gay Panic Defense is rarely used, it has bubbled to the surface in about half of the states, and considering the political climate we are forging through in 2018, we don't need anything that could excuse violent behavior against any marginalized groups. Here's what the CEO of Equality Illinois, Brian Johnson, has to say:

For us, it was important to eradicate (the defense), regardless of use. It makes our identity sufficient reason for murder. We never wanted it to be used going forward. 

Bake us a damn cake, and don't murder us. Really, are we asking that much?