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Illinois High School Crowns Gay & Lesbian Best Friends As Homecoming King & Queen

Well this is pretty awesome! A pair of gay and lesbian BFFs were just named Homecoming King and Queen of their high school in Waukegan, Illinois!

Lake County News-Sun reports:

Eric Irizarry and Ariana Reiff are close friends, and they are also the newly crowned Waukegan High School homecoming king and queen. Upon finding out at the school bonfire Wednesday night, both students said they were surprised.

“I really didn’t think I was going to get it because of the way I dress and the way I am,” Reiff said. “I’m not girly.”


Both Irizarry and Reiff are gay.

“Ariana and I are both out and open about our sexuality,” Irizarry said. “Our attitude is we are who we are and if that bothers people, that’s OK, but we have so many friends who accept us for who we are.”

“There are some people saying we shouldn’t have won, or that we won because we are gay, but I think our classmates chose us because they know us, and they chose us just as people,” Reiff added.

Good stuff, Waukegan and congratulations to Eric and Ariana!


Image Source (H/T: Towleroad)



Nice!! Not the typical jock and blond school bitch scenario!

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