Illinois Investigates ExxonMobil's Anti-Gay Employment Discrmination

ExxonMobil's practice of discriminating against LGBT applicants and employees is so long and storied that protestors demonstrate against the corporation each year in front of the annual shareholders meeting. 

But Exxon's distinctly un-American practice will finally be placed under government scrutiny thanks to the Illinois Department of Human Rights. 

BuzzFeed reports

The Illinois Department of Human Rights has accepted Freedom to Work’s complaint of employment discrimination against ExxonMobil, the first known time an LGBT group has used a “tester” case — in which a group submits similar applications from fictitious applicants who only differ in the relevant characteristic being tested — in an organizational lawsuit.

“Freedom to Work decided to take a successful strategy from the playbook of African-American civil rights leaders by employing matched-pair employment testing at Exxon and other federal contractors that lack LGBT workplace protections,” Freedom to Work president Tico Almeida told BuzzFeed. “We very quickly found evidence that Exxon has given unfair hiring preference to some lower qualified straight applicants over more qualified LGBT applicants.”

Shareholders once again voted against adding an LGBT non-discrimination provision at this year's meeting in May, which finds itself at odds with Illinois law, which states that it is illegal to discriminate in employment based on sexual orientation.  

(Image: Reuters)