Image Of The Day: Lambda Legal's Infographic Detailing The Possible Prop 8 Scotus Outcomes

LambdaLegal has drafted a helpful infographic to keep handy throughout the month as LGBT activists and opponents of marriage equality prepare for SCOTUS to possibly announce decisions in the marriage equality cases. 

According to LambdaLegal, the possible Prop 8 outcomes are:

California Only (Narrow Favorable Ruling)
Same-sex couples would be able to marry in California.

No Standing (Prop 8 Proponents had no right to ask the court to hear the appeal)
Trial court victory stands. Same-sex couples would be able to marry in California.

No Ruling: Dismissed as Improvidently Granted (DIG)
Dismissal of the case without comment. This would bring the freedom to marry to couples in California; the victory from the court of appeals would remain in place.

California Plus+
States providing all rights & responsibilities of marriage to same-sex couples through broad civil union or domestic partnership laws have no justification for excluding same-sex couples from marriage. This would bring marriage for same-sex couples to California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, Nevada, and Oregon.

Marriage Equality Nationwide (Broad Ruling)
This outcome would lead all states to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Negative Ruling (Prop 8 Upheld)
This would not affect the validity of marriages same-sex couples entered in California when those marriages were briefly legal there, or the marriage laws of other states. Lambda Legal and other groups would continue our efforts to secure full equality for same-sex couples and their families.