Indian Lawmakers Hope To Overturn Supreme Court Ruling Banning Homosexuality

Officials in India are outraged over the Supreme Court decision that returned the country to the Dark Ages by making homosexuality illegal this week. Forward-minded lawmakers have vowed to overturn the ruling and allow their constituents the freedom to be themselves once again. 

NPR reports:

"We will have to change the law. If the Supreme Court has upheld that law, then we will certainly have to take firm steps," Law Minister Kapil Sibal told reporters Thursday. "Change has to be made fast, and any delay cannot take place."

Sibal said the government was considering at least two options: "One of the [options] ... could be to bring it to Parliament at the earliest," he said. "The other [option] could be to approach the Supreme Court or take any other route."

Sibal's comments were echoed by other government officials.

Sonia Gandhi, the head of the ruling Congress Party, who is among the most powerful political figures in the country, said Thursday she was disappointed by the Supreme Court's ruling, adding she hoped, "Parliament will address the issue and uphold the constitutional guarantee of life and liberty to all citizens of India, including those directly affected by the judgment."

Hopefully, India can figure this out and return to the year 2013 quickly.