Indiana Sees Constitutional Ban On Marriage Equality Introduced Into State House

Indiana conservatives want to move their state backward, if a long-promised resolution that finally was introduced in the state's House on Thursday is any indication. 

JCOnline reports:

A resolution that would amend Indiana’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage was filed in the Indiana House of Representatives as expected today, setting into motion a bitter fight between conservatives who want to protect traditional matrimony and those who want to protect the rights of same-sex couples.

However, a companion measure (House Bill 1153) clarifies that the intent of the proposal is not to deny employer health benefits to same-sex couples or to circumvent local ordinances that forbid discrimination.

That clarifying language would appear to address some of the concerns raised by employers and others that the amendment would make employee recruitment difficult and make Indiana appear unwelcoming. The clarifying bill, however, seems to still ban civil unions for same-sex couples — a provision that some see as a step too far.

Republican Reps. sponsoring the bill (alongside a heavy push from NOM, obviously) include Eric Turner of Marion; Tim Wesco, Osceola; Wes Culver, Goshen and Rhonda Rhoads, Corydon. Democratic leaders in the state are outraged the resolution is even being considered. 

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