Indie Hit 'Jesús' Gives Us Full Commitment From Its Actors

From a general cinematic perspective, the critically-acclaimed indie Jesús, now available for rent on Google Play and Amazon Video, is a gritty tale of one rough-and-tumble Santiagan teen's violent, drug-fueled, and overall aimless life as the member of a street gang. The Village Voice refers to this as a "bad-seed street-teen" movie, and considering the far-reaching and somewhat blasé classification, Jesús really shouldn't be something that we give a rat's bootay about here at Instinct. Oh, but, wait. From an LGBTQ perspective, Jesús is a flick that remarkably,  unceremoniously  shuffles in a gay element to our anti-hero's coming-of-age tale in the form of explicit unsimulated sex. This blurring of boundaries between relatively widely-reviewed indie fare and LGBTQ-centric story makes Jesús noteworthy to say the least, and definitely worth a watch.

The eighteen-year-old Jesús (Nicolás Durán) treats drugs as Pez and sex as handshakes, and doesn't seem to have much of a plan for his days, not to mention his life. But after he and his friends randomly beat up an unsuspecting boy, angry citizens and a national media frenzy come for the culprits' heads in this true story. Suddenly life gets real for Jesús as he must grapple with his guilt while outrunning the law. 

"Wow mom" - you right now. At the beginning of the movie Jesús receives an unsimulated BJ from a chick, but after the violent altercation, he gets down and all kinds of dang dirty with a fellow gang member, played by Sebastián Ayala. The two actors bare their hard peens while engaging in unsimulated, not to mention insanely passionate, sex. Again, what makes Jesús so surprising is that, while the gay moments are far more explicit than the sex in gay classics like Brokeback Mountain, Jesús isn't being treated as a predominantly LGBTQ flick. Literally, I did my trusty "command F" on some of the reviews, and couldn't even find the words "homosexual" or even "gay." Jesús' repressed homosexuality is implied in the flick, but never takes center stage. Are gay movies suddenly just movies? Is this the future of cinema? Or is this just gay porn and I'm misreading everything? Hit the link below to see the gay sex in Jesús and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Head HERE (site NSFW) to see the X-rated scenes





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