Instinct Digest - August 27, 2018 - From Cheering to "Pretty Priviledge" to Real Ken Dolls To 'Girly' to Kelly Clarkson...


Here are some of our most read stories of this past week,
original pieces you won't find anywhere else, 
and others we feel need to be shared again.


What Is 'Pretty Privilege' And Do You Have It?

Is this a thing of if you don't know about this already,
it means you have it? This video got some folks worked up.


Garrett Clayton Came Out & Revealed His Longtime Boyfriend

The King Cobra star nonchalantly shared his truth.


Kelly Clarkson Claps Back At Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Troll

Do not come for the gays on Clarkson's Twitter


These Boys Dressed In Drag & Won A House On A TV Contest

Video of their performance has gone viral.


Singer Says He Was Drugged & Raped By Classical Musicians

With one becoming a tenured professor, and within reach of more students, the singer is speaking up


Curious About Bath Houses? Let's Hear From An Enthusiast.

What makes a good bathhouse?


First NFL Male Cheerleader Makes His Debut

His first appearance with the New Orleans Saints went off without a hitch


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This Sexy Ken Doll Series Is Chock Full Of Hot Diverse Men

We always enjoy art with a message



John Duff Is Not Afraid To Be "Girly"

New music video pays homage to all his pop divas


16 States Urge Supreme Court To Limit LGBT Protections

Those states say it should be legal to fire someone for being LGBT


This Week's Hotties Tagging Instinct On Instagram

We don't mind men delivering themselves to us.


Guadalajara Just Made Public Sex Legal

The new goal is to focus more attention on dealing with other crimes


Trump Made His First Openly LGBT Judge Pick

Mary M. Rowland is well respected by Congress and Justice officials.


Travel Thursday: New Haven, Connecticut is Quite the Gay Mecca

Serving bars, beaches, parks, and lewks.