Instinct Exclusive With 6'6 Stud & Author Bryan Knight!


Bryan Knight seems to be juggling a lot these days, but given that he is 6'6 with massive arms, I'm sure he is able to carry and figure out whatever he is doing in the best possible way.

He is a man of many trades, as he has dabbled in the world of porn, escorting, and most recently, the exciting world of comic books as he gets ready to take on a new and exciting career in his life.  

Bryan sits down with us at Instinct Magazine to discuss his illustrious world in the escorting business and how he found his way into it, his comic book series about said life called "The Velvet Collar", his hopes for an early exit for our President, and more.  Take a look. 

How did you find yourself in the escort and adult industry in the first place?

I responded to an ad on Craigslist for carpentry work at a funeral home in the middle of nowhere, upstate New York. I was naive at the time -the employer told me the work had been done earlier ahead of schedule by the staff of the funeral home, but would I be willing to give him a massage instead?

So, we ended up on an embalming table. Funny, the bodybags in the lockers next to us didn't bother me a bit, it was how cold the table was against my skin.  Filming came later, just for fun with me and my boyfriend at the time. Who knew that those videos would be the start of a demand to see a giant come forward and try something new?

Do you find that your height plays an advantage in your client’s expectations or fetishes?

When you see a big, masculine man, what's your first thrilling secret wish? I bet I know what it is.

Who gets to play with the biggest man on the block? Not everybody. So there's something special about it for visitors who come to see me.  All the fetishes boil down to demonstrations of strength, power, authority, and safety. It's the natural instinct of men to submit to a larger man -and to be excited to hold the biggest teddy bear.

What has been the most interesting request you have ever received from a client?

Imagine you're a father with a young gay son, and you have no idea how to mentor him. He's awkward and gets bullied and wants to go into bodybuilding, but he's kinda chubby. So, who do you call to be his big brother after school twice a week?  Me!

Kid was fifteen years old and a client saw my personal website and said, "You're a man my son could look up to. You work hard, you have fun, and you turn your imperfections into assets. Could you take him out and show him how to be more social?"

So, I did that between October 2014 and May 2015. I don't know if the kid became any cooler, but I felt proud being a big brother. He checks in occasionally (he has no idea about my full escort work and adult range), and his dad checks in with me from time to time. They've moved to California, but he seems happier for the experience.

Do you think that escorts and porn stars in general get a bad rap in the gay community, and if so, what do you hope will change that stigma?

The answer changes before and after you orgasm. Aren't men funny?  The main stigma is "You don't belong here. You're not supposed to be here. You're not supposed to exist."  This is only cured by honesty and education based in observable reality. 

You are making a comic book series that is set around a group of Rentboys.  Can you tell us more about it?

Remember we talked about honesty? What if you got to read an entertaining story about real escorts thinking and acting like real people?  That's what Velvet Collar: The Series is about.

The series was inspired by the raid on Rentboy in 2015 by the DHS. I did it because I wanted to record the people and culture before it was erased.

The comic series follows five male escorts from diverse backgrounds as they investigate why the Federal Government shut down Rentboy. The story is speculative political-adventure fiction, but all the characters are based on real escorts and porn performers, making real decisions based on their experiences. These experiences and points of view are deeply integrated into the storyline.

We're planning nine issues all together with a definite beginning, middle, and ending.

And it's going to be FUN.

Do you hope that the series itself turns into something on television or the big screen?

Oh my gosh, if it becomes made for TV or the movies, I'll be smiling for years.  Sure, why not? The writing is fresh, authentic and real. The topic is sexy and interesting.  The models for the characters would be happy to reprise their roles for the big screen, haha.

What are you most hopeful for moving forward?

I'm hopeful that Trump is out office soon. I'm hopeful that intelligence, kindness, and consideration emerge as the victorious values of the culture into the new year. I'm hopeful that my coworkers will evolve and flourish.  I'm hopeful that I evolve what I'm doing into something bigger, more fun and more lucrative.  Who knows? I've always been too big for the playground everyone else is in.  Now I want to see what's waiting for me.

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