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Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week is Go-Go Dancer Gustavo Alvarez!

Beardy, furry, beefy, adorable and cute are just five adjectives that describe Instinct Magazine's Hottie of the Week Gustavo Alvarez



Oh yeah! I forgot to post this last Friday at my gig! . Make sure to catch me next Friday @chunkbearandcubsocial at Faultline! #bearsofinstagram #gaycub #gaybear #musclebear

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This recent WeHo transplant has developed a huge following on his social media due to a variety of factors, one being his incredibly handsome features like his captivating smile. 

Gustavo, like many of our Hottie of the Week choices before him, live sort of a dual life in and out of the gay community. By day, he is a clinical project associate (meaning he help's his company’s clients achieve their clinical studies), and by night (or weekends) he is an highly sought after go-go dancer in Los Angeles gay scene. Who wouldn't want to stuff a dollar or more in those shorts, any ways?



Here are some more fun facts about Gustavo:

  • He was born in Mexico and worked on a farm as a kid.
  • He's fluent in Japanese. 



  • Anime is his jam.
  • Documentaries really rev his engines, in particular ones about astrophysics and quantum mechanics (self-described "nerd"). 
  • His proudest life moment was graduating Valedictorian from his high school in Watts, California, 
  • He's very active in the LGBTQ community and participates in several marches and protests that advocate for our rights and services.



Want to know more about Gustavo? Follow him on his Instagram here