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Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week: Joey JoJo

We found jballa74 on our Instagram TAGGED tab, but we’re going to have to seek him out in San Antonio, Texas where he is a budget analyst by day and a man of our dreams at night.

The first thing you may see when cruising Joey's Instagram is that tattoo so that's where we started our interview (the following is paraphrased) branching out to discuss Harry Potter, weigh loss, and what men catch his attention.

Instinct: So, let’s ask the question.  What’s going on with the tattoo?

jballa74: I added it two years ago.  I always loved The Lion King and I knew I wanted one about that movie and that saying just came up as a perfect fit.  I think it epitomizes me.  I try not to sweat the small things and try to keep calm when deciding on what to do in life.





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Since you are a huge fan of The Lion King, who is your favorite character and who do you identify with the most?

Favorite is going to have to be Simba, but I think my personality is more in line with Pumba.

The tattoo is the first thing you see on your Instagram, it does make a statement.

Yeah, from a distance, it’s that hard core tattoo design, gangster style if you will, and maybe that is like me. When you see me from a distance, I could be considered intimidating, but when you get closer to me and the tattoo, you realize that is not the case. The intimidation may come from my resting bitch face, or my “in the zone” look which I usually have while at the gym and not paying attention.

Ah, yes the gym.  What is your exercise regimen? And let’s talk about that weight loss.

I’m there about 5 to 6 times a week.  I started losing the weight about 7 years ago.  At my biggest, I was 315 lbs and a 46 inch waist.  When I was younger, I played football, then quit. The football player style exercising stopped, but the football player style eating continued.



I decided to make a change and joined a gym, but didn’t go for a year.  Then I decided I wanted to stop being sweaty all the time, being always out of breath.

When I started going, I was exercising in the morning, you know, the fear of people judging you was there, but then I realized it was all in my head and I was too self-conscious.  No one was looking at me and I was there to work out and lose weight. I started off walking on the treadmill. The walk became a jog, the jog became a run … and I started eating right.  I knew what to do, I just needed to do it.

My favorite is still leg days on Sunday and I’m still going early, around 5 AM.




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Where are you now in the weight and working out and wait, are you out?

Two years I was down to 190 lbs.  And now I am putting on muscle and am up to 206 lbs with more muscle and a 32 inch waist.  I came out when I was 28 years old and it was when I was 29 that the weight loss happened.

Now we know where you’re at, out, and working out, but where do you live?

I’m in San Antonio, it’s cool, and it’s kinda in the middle of things.

It is not as liberal as Austin. There are 4 main bars on a common strip here. There used to be a great place to go to called Bonham Exchange. It was the place to be with three main areas of entertainment that had their own type of music and presence. Then the girls started going there to dance, then the straight guys followed, then the radio station started going there on Fridays.  It used to be super gay, but now you could say it is more “gay friendly.”





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How old are you Joey?

I just turned 34 back in April.

Oh, you’re Aries or a Taurus? 


Me too, I was born on April 6th.

Me too!




Always smile...

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(Super crushing on this guy, I decide to dig a little deeper.  I mean we had the same birthdays. That has to mean something, lol)

So what is your type of man if there is one?

I don’t have a type per se. I like a variety of men, so no type.  I just found out during my recent trip to Folsom Street Fair that I have a new appreciation of furry guys.  Looks fade though and a person’s personality is his personality.  Personality is important to me.




Ughhh had so much fun! Pics to come

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As a bigger guy, then losing the weight, when you lost that weight and guys that said no to you before because of the weight, but now say yes or want a yes from you, what are your thoughts on that?

Once again, it’s the personality. So if they were not saying hello to me when I was bigger or if they wouldn’t even respond, those guys are hahah, haha, ha (no elaboration needed).




Every rejection, negative word, or judgement has been nothing but fuel to my fire.

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San Antonio is home, where did you grow up?

I was born in Mississippi, dad was in the military.  He was stationed in San Antonio, met my mother, and promised her family that when he was done with the military, they would return to San Antonio and that’s where I still am.

Nature or Nurture?

I was born gay.  If you weren’t born gay then you could learn to be straight and I have no desire to learn how to be straight.  I’m not attracted to females as I tried the straight thing before.

Instinct readers (cough, me) may want to know if you're single.

I’ve been single for about two, going on three years. I am looking to date somebody.  Well, it’s more like I’m going to let things happen instead of looking, looking, looking.

We’ve been talking for a while and I can see the humor in the “Not as douchey as I appear” statement on your profile, but what about the “Gryffindor, duh!”?

I’m a super nerd, love to read books.  And I loved the Harry Potter Series.  I identify as a Gryffindor since I as well believe I stand up for what is right, try to do the right thing.  I actually took the test on, with the sorting hat and all.

Why do you think gay men relate to Harry Potter?

It’s a story of somebody who is neglected or out of place, and he finds his place. It’s like the gay life, I mean he lived in the closet, didn’t get along with family …

Just like The Lion King, what character do you relate to or would want to be in the Harry Potter series?

Hermione, because she is a bad bitch, but she is also very knowledgeable.

The last question, where we should have began, what does your Instagram name mean?

J is for Joey or JoJo, and the 74 is my football number.





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Thanks for the call today Joey.  Was a pleasure chatting with a positive member of the community.  We came for the pics and stayed for the personality.

Southwest search engine currently being used to find flights to San Antonio so we can ask Joey some more questions while looking into those deep beautiful brown eyes.  It might be hard since he is 6’3” but we can hop … and hope.




My Easter Sunday hat

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And for some Halloween inspiration




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