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Instinct Insta Hottie of the Week is Writer Christopher Cragg!

If there was ever a movie with the title Woof or Grr or something of that nature, chances are Christopher Cragg would not only star in it but probably write it as well.

Chris is our Instinct Hottie of the Week, and for good reason as its always fun to discover fellow writing talent who happen to be good people and handsome to boot.

He is a Toronto-based Brit with a mustache that would give the Monopoly Man a run for his money. Outside of his good looks, Chris is also a talented writer in many senses of the word: sub-editor, online editor, proofreader and copywriter. According to his official website, he lives for "creating eye-bulgingly good content."

That talent has led him to create big brand stories for major companies including NIke, National Geographic and more, and his social media following has drawn in thousands of followers who enjoy seeing him in a variety of fashions (notably the fabulous OsoApparel as seen here). 

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris at RuPaul's DragCon in New York City back in September, and his demeanor and candor in person matches his effervescent personality that he displays online. It's good when both are in sync with one another, thus making him quite the easy pick for Instinct Hottie of the Week.

Learn more about Chris and what he does here, and check out his Instagram here




A beautiful man with a beautiful spirit. Kindness and acceptance don't go as far as they need to in our community, but smiles like this one speak words that our people really need to understand. I absolutely approve this selection, and look forward to seeing more wonderful representation of our growing community!

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