Instinct Interviews Artimis Radio: What's The Story Behind The Viral Video Showing The DJ School A Homophobe About "Same Love"?

The modern civil rights movement counted a new hero this week in the form of Artimis, a popular DJ at South Bend, Indiana's U93 FM. Frustrated with a listener who called in to complain every time he played Macklemore's ode to LGBT equality, "Same Love," Artimis decided to turn the cameras on the situation in an attempt to enlighten the homophobe (and the world). Days after sharing the video with his Facebook following, it achieved viral status, with posts praising his astute handling of the bigot appearing in Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Towleroad, and countless other websites around the globe (including here at

We just had to learn more about our newest straight ally and wanted to hear the story behind the video, so we caught up with Artimis for a quick chat about his newfound Internet fame. 



Are you surprised by the attention the video’s received?

I didn't expect for it to go viral and spread all across the world. It caught me off guard for sure. I was expecting 100-200 "shares" on my page, not for it to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

How do the GM and other powers that be at the station feel about the viral video?

They are very supportive of the video here at U93. My program director is gay, and he is very happy with the reaction of the video.

What about Craig’s complaints struck a nerve with you?

What bothered me was the fact that he was spewing so much hatred. He didn't want to listen and open up his mind.

You mention in the FB caption of the video that you wish you could’ve said more. What you said was pretty perfect, but what else would you’ve told Craig?

Looking back on it now, I don't think I could of said anything to make him reconsider how ignorant his opinion is. Some people are so close-minded that no matter what you tell them, they are not going to listen.

Do you consider yourself an activist?

I consider myself a straight male who believes in equal rights. I believe love is love. This country needs to stop living in the past. You aren't "ab-normal" for loving the same sex. You are a human being who deserves to be treated just as equal as people who love the opposite sex.

What do you hope people who watch the video gain from your conversation with Craig?

If one person could watch the video and it makes them really open their eyes and realize people are having their freedom being taken away due to ignorance, I would be happy. My point by making this video was to show how close-minded people are. We are all human beings. We all deserve respect.

Stay up with all things Artimis on his Facebook page (trust us: he's keeps his posts entertaining and worth the like)! 



As a former radio DJ, my hats off to you! We all wish we could have said MORE in situations which fly by, and on-air, especially an FCC mandated station, one has to watch what they say. Thank you for taking that stand and creating the video! 

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