Instinct Interviews The Eliminated Queen From RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6: Episode 9 [Spoilers]

RuPaul's Drag Race season six will come and go, but thanks to a powerful and uplifting message about being HIV positive, Trinity K. Bonet is going to be around for a while. Though the big-hearted Atlanta queen pulled herself out from a series of criticisms from the judges in recent weeks, Trinity sashayed away after a Sapphic lip-sync performance of Paula Abdul's "Vibeology" with Adore Delano. We know it's not the last we'll see of Trinity, so we caught up with the season sixer moments after she watched her elimination episode to find out what we can expect from the popular queen in the future, and more. 

Most girls seemed afraid to read Darienne Lake for turning so shady in the past few episodes, but you finally called her out this week on Untucked. What lead to that?

When I first met her on the show, she was really cool. It seems like her attitude completely changed. It was like we switched or something. [Laughs] Toward the end, she was catty, had a messy remark about everybody, had something negative to say. I was like, “What has gotten into you?” I couldn’t understand for the life of me what was wrong with her, so I just felt the need to say something.

Can we just talk about your mom for a minute? She’s amazing! How’d you get so lucky?

I know! God just made her that way.

Has she seen every episode of the show so far?

She’s missed a few episodes. She hasn’t even seen the episode she was in, but I’ll make sure she sees it.

Oh, and congratulations on your engagement to Raja!

[Laughs!] That is a joke!

We got close recently. She’s really cool.

What have you been up to since taping the show?

I’ve been traveling, moving around trying to keep busy. I’m working on my first single, slowly but surely. I’m not rushing it; I want to make sure it’s good. I’m also working on my non-profit organization and want to do a couple events to raise money for AIDS awareness. So, just little projects that I’m taking my time with; no rush, I’m not going anywhere.

I imagine that since the episode in which you came out as HIV positive aired, you have heard from many new fans. Can you tell me a bit about the impact of your announcement on one of the most-watched reality shows in the world?

I came out HIV positive? [Laughs]

Unless I was hallucinating! [Laughs] Would you say you've heard from many fans since the episode aired?

Oh my god, yes. I’ve heard from hundreds of people who’ve messaged me and told me their stories. Every city I go to, I get stopped. Everyone I’ve met has told me the same thing: “I needed somebody to talk to and you’ve given me the confidence to do so.” So that was the sole purpose. It wasn’t about myself because I’m fine. I’m fine with myself and I want everyone else to be fine with themselves and know that they can get through this. A lot of times people don’t want to tell nobody what’s going on with them, they don’t want to tell their family, so that’s why people waste away. You’d be so surprised.

How has your life changed since the show premiered?

Well, I’m not broke anymore. [Laughs] That’s always fun. I got a chance to do a lot of different things that I wasn’t doing before. I do a lot of hosting now, I talk a lot and people get to hear what I say. I’ve always had a sense of humor but have never had the opportunity to show it.

Why do you think you were the one to be eliminated this week?

You know, I just saw the episode and I don’t think it was the lip-sync. I personally believe if it was somebody else [in the bottom two] I would have stayed. I just feel like they may have wanted her. She had all the qualifications to be a great drag queen star. I think it’s easier for them to work with girls who they don’t have to mold in being what they need to be as a representative as opposed to girls who they have to teach, if that makes sense.

Who do you think will go all the way and win season six?

Honestly, any one of them. I’d be happy for any of them. We are queens of the same scene, we are all deserving of the opportunity.

You and Bianca had a rough start but it seems you both really found a friendship in the latest episodes. How are you and Bianca since taping ended?

We’re good. We talk and text and tweet and stuff. She’s really sweet and always giving me advice. I love B.

What’s your biggest takeaway from the experience of filming RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6?

You would be surprised at the things that you can accomplish if you just apply yourself. When you’re used to your normal routine and doing things one way, when you’re put in the atmosphere where you have to challenge yourself, just be ready for it. Mentally prepare yourself to know that you’re in Hollywood. You’re not even in your hometown anymore, you’re in Hollywood. Make sure you’re ready for that. Be ready for anything that comes along and just prepare myself more.

I always thought I was a person that was good under pressure but I don’t know.

You did well at the end there!

Yeah, by the time you pull it together you have to go home. [Laughs]. I don’t think I should’ve went home, but hey. Who am I?


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Courtney act needs to go... she is boring. and too full of herself. She may be popular in Australia, but America is another story.


This is my first season viewing the show ( my bestie got me hooked, Lol ) and I love it! My 2 favorite queens are Trinity and Bianca, I love their personalities. I was so excited when they paired the 2 together. Trinity and Bianca should have won the cosmetic commercial challenge because their commercial was creative and hilarious. I'm going to miss Trinity K. Bonet on the show. I enjoyed watching her growing confidence , her calm yet direct demeanor, runway styles (gorgeous) and her lip sync (sizzling). You made a fan out of me Trinity K. Bonet, keep working it because you definitely got it!


I came to really like Trinity.  I wanted him in the top four at least.

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