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Instinct Interviews The Eliminated Queen From RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6: Week 2 [SPOILERS!]

Seattle is renowned for its support of hometown teams. Did you see the crowds that gathered in the streets following last month's Super Bowl win? Sidewalk sofas were burned! Imagine if the Seahawks had lost! Well, this week's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race had Seattleites including me deflate a bit when hometown girl Magnolia Crawford (one of two Seattle queens in the competition this year) sashayed away from season six of the international hit reality show. No sofas were torched, but I can assure you that bars across the Emerald City were depleted of their stock. Magnolia has continued making her city proud, however, by staying true to the camp personality, snarky attitude and clever character that has made her a shining star, all of which was in full force during our delicious phone chat. 

Jonathan Higbee: I’m absolutely bummed. I’ve been on a hunger strike the past twelve hours.

Magnolia Crawford: Aww. You can eat.

I feel like the judges didn’t get you. Do you feel that way?

I do. I do feel that way, it turns out.

Why were you the one to go this week?

Let’s be honest, I had a piss poor attitude. Part of the piss poor attitude was because the judges didn’t get me, you know? That didn’t help the situation.

What did you think about Khloe Kardashian’s “angry vibe” critique?

First of all, I love Michelle [Visage], I love RuPaul and Santino [Rice] is whatever, but I think the Kardashian clan is the biggest goddamn joke on the planet! [Laughs] Let someone who has credentials read me. Who the hell is she? She’s famous for being famous, come on!

I’m probably the only drag queen at least on this season who thinks the Kardashians are a big joke, so whatever.

Did you watch last week’s episode? Fellow Seattle queen BenDeLaCreme won the challenge after openly admitting she didn’t sew but instead hot glued her outfit together, to Santino’s praise. Why were you blasted this week for what Ben was exalted for?

I think the difference is that Ben’s outfit was fabulous and mine looked like I wrapped table cloth around me. [Laughs]

[Laughs] That bow was a clever touch. First In Show!

That was hiding bad seams! 

Even cleverer, then! 

I’ll tell you what, I’m a trash queen. People need to remember that. I’m a trash queen with a polished exterior, but at the end of the day I don’t pretend to be anything else.

Do you think Trinity was serving shade when she assigned you that box?

I didn’t even remember it was Trinity who assigned me that box, to be honest. Possibly, I don’t know. She’s very nice, though. She’s a sweet person, so who knows.

Would you have done anything differently?

Yes I would have! My biggest regret from this season is that after I loss I threw away my runway dress. I wish I would’ve kept it.

Oh no! That dress would’ve been a big hit here!

You know, after you’ve been eliminated you’re all messed up. I wasn’t thinking properly.

Who from your group of seven queens will go all the way?

I can guarantee you that Bianca del Rio and Courtney Act will go very far. I expect good things from Darienne Lake as well. However, that being said, the one I want to go all the way is Milk.

Conversely, who from your group of seven should be the next to leave?

I can’t answer that, that’s mean! Honestly, I don’t think anybody from my group should be the next to leave.

Do you have any favorite behind-the-scenes moments that didn’t make the episode?

I don’t know what made it on the episode and what didn’t because I didn’t watch it. I’m on road, for what it’s worth. I’ll never watch it. I will not put myself through that. It’s been brutal enough, I don’t need relive it again. [Laughs]

Did they show when I told everybody what was going on with the splitting of the groups?

I don’t recall that airing…

I figured it out! We were standing around the table and I said, “You guys, I think this is everybody.”

You know how I figured it out? I overheard the PA talking to Kelly Mantle in the hotel room next to me. They were talking too loud and I eavesdropped.

Were they discussing the actual split?

Kelly was talking about what she should wear and they said okay, be ready at this time. I heard them going door to door to door, but they didn’t come to my door, so I was like, “What the hell’s going on?” Most of my group was on the floor above me and I was on the other floor. Maybe they initially wanted me to be a part of that group but then thought they didn’t want to put the Seattle girls together.


This season is being labeled the season of the hottest out-of-drag competitors. Did any of the other queens catch your eye out of drag?

Well, you know what, there are a lot of very attractive people this season. A lot. I’ll say that. [Laughs]

What’s the one thing Drag Race viewers who want more than just a taste of Magnolia should know about you?

They should know that I am actually a bitch, but they’ll like me anyway.

In the Untucked episode, you mentioned that you only did Drag Race for the exposure. Did you get what you want out of it?

Well, I’m going to make the most of it. I can guarantee you that out of any of the girls that have gone home second on the show, I’ll definitely be remembered. It might be for the wrong reasons, but who cares?

You’ve been retweeting a lot of haters the past few days…

Any time someone tweets my name it means I’m more searchable on the Internet. I’m just continuing to keep that search-ability up! [Laughs]

If offered, would you do All Stars?

Ugh, Lord. That’s my answer!

What's next for Magnolia, then?

I’m really focusing on my YouTube channel…        



love your YouTube channel! I just watched your “Eliminated” video!

Did you like my depiction of Santino? [Laughs]

The guy who plays Michelle Visage, that’s my quote/unquote wife, my best friend, and we were actually domestic partners for a while. But the guy who played Santino, that man’s name is Palmer Scott. He’s a relatively well-known actor best known for the Tim And Eric Awesome Show. He’s a good friend of mine also, really funny and talented.

The one who played RuPaul, her name is Jayla de Foxx and she is a very talented drag queen. Keep your eye out for her.

Any other projects your fans can look forward to?

I’m continuing to work on my YouTube channel, but I’m also working on a song and music video with my friend Adam Barta. That’s going to be lots of fun, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


As far as Keeping Up With The Magnolia Crawford goes, you can find more of the RPDR Queen on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!






Love Magnolia, and love her even more after reading what she has to say about the Kardashians. :)

Magnolia Crawford is a fantastic character. I wish she wasn't so misunderstood!

Yes you're indeed a bitch Magnolia. And I don't like you.

magnolia comes across as extra envious of the kardashians saying that.... uh magnolia said in untucked that shes only on the show because she wants someone to notice her while walking down the street! pathetic! 

it bothers me when people bash the kardashians and say that they don't do anything.. im not even a fan of the kardashians but i do know that they actually are pretty smart people.. they market a brand in which is themselves- hard to explain.. id say its a new sort of fame- not oldschool based on talent.. but people that say things like that (to me at least) just sound envious..

i agree..

I've met her.  She is unbelievably kind.  Being a Bitch is a great character.  People still love Karen Walker and Ab Fab and they are all rotten bitches.  I think Magnolia Crawford is well on her way to becoming a star.  Her fate just went about it differently than some.  That's why she's interesting.  #basicbitch

Waah, a rude drag queen! *clutches pearls*

This so call artist has a horrible altitude and is very rude. Why is instincts kissing her ass?

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