Instinct Interviews The Eliminated Queen From RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6: Week 5

The Internet was aghast this week after RuPaul's Drag Race season six favorite Gia Gunn sashayed away, saying goodbye to the remaining competitors with a line that summed up her sassy run on the show: "You're all still dudes." We caught up with Gia over email with hopes of receiving more of her trademark sassy, outspoken attitude and got more than we could dream of back (including opening up about her softer side). 

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Jonathan Higbee: What have you been up to since taping the show?

Gia Gunn: Working on marketing my brand and making new costumes and gigs for the kids to gag on! Also, preparing myself mentally and physically for this very rough journey!  

Why do you think you were eliminated this week?

My Kim Kardashian did fall a bit flat which allowed me to be in the bottom. Lip singing against Laganja didn't make things any better 'cuz she's a beast! It was fair and square and that's why I was sent home. No hard feelings towards my sister Laganja, however.

Would you have done anything differently?

I would have been more prepared for the Snatch Game, possibly had gone with a better back up plan as soon as I found out I wasn't going to be able to do Miss Swan.

Was “You’re All Still Dudes” directed at all the remaining queens or one in particular?

Haha, good question! But it was definitely directed towards everyone as a whole group....not to be bitter but to leave on a "funny" note. Okay, perhaps I was referring to the spoiled Milk!

I loved your Selena outfit you shared on Twitter yesterday. Gorgeous! Do you think the outcome would’ve been different if you stuck with Selena?

I think had I stuck with Selena my presence of an actual "character" would have been stronger but not sure she would have come across any better or just as flat and not comical. The more I had thought about doing Selena, the more I actually was thinking about how I was going to make her comical. Impersonating somebody who was not a very comical person yet also deceased, was going to be a bit challenging for me personally to make it funny without disrespecting Selena or the Latino community. Therefore I went with a more "safe" and current character.

Who do you think will go all the way?

I think Adore will go a long way simply because of her personality and charisma and capability of singing live. Her drag may not be all that (no shade no t) however she has an awesome personality and she's a mermaid! Who doesn't like mermaids?! Ben delacreme will succeed because she's a super talented, polished drag queen and is versatile when it comes to makeup, character and even voices!  Courtney for being just so effortlessly pretty and also having the talent to sing, with a drag closet full of quality things! Bianca will succeed for being consistent and super witty the whole time. Her determination and commitment to herself is amazing.

Who do you think be the next to leave?

Next to leave will probably be Milk or Joslyn!  Simply because they were getting lost in the competition and not really making a voice for themselves ... just kind of there ... taking up space!

Bianca has been a bit sassy to you in particular throughout the season but according to your Instagram and Twitter it seems like you two are friends. 

In all reality the whole cast got a long at some point. Bianca and I instantly got each other's drag character and were able to relate and bond as people, outside our drag persona. There's a big difference between what you see on television and what we live in real life.  

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Why do you think you and Laganja bonded so quickly?

She is sensitive and emotionally connected just like I am. Where she is stronger I am weaker and where I'm stronger, she is weaker. In a way we got each other through the competition by being each other's support system when needed. Not everybody had this bond and if they did it wasn't nearly as real. So I feel very fortunate and special to have had this opportunity to meet someone so fabulous and alike.

I teared up when you consoled Laganja ahead of the lip-sync! Are you a huge softy mama bear under all that fierceness?

Absolutely! Such a baby and motherly figure under it all! I always look out for people that I truly care about and give advice that I wish others would give me in a certain situation. In that specific moment I wanted her to know that no matter what, we were still going to remain friends and to keep her eye on the prize. Not even a beautiful friendship like ours should have stopped either of us in fully competing for the crown!

In a lot of comments on your Facebook fan page and blogs about the show, it seems like a common refrain is “I didn’t like her at first but now I love her.” Why do you think that is?

Like anything else first impression is everything and perhaps my bold, blunt very out spoken attitude was a bit much for people to understand. Also, after meeting me in person you will see and understand how laid back I am and really am not that shady ... unless you look cheap or like a manly drag queen! Lmao

What’s the one thing RPDR viewers who fell in love with you and want to know more should know?

There is a whole lot more for Gia Gunn to accomplish and with out my fans support I realize I will be nothing. Please stay tuned and continue to follow me and I promise to continuously keep you all entertained and gagging for more! This is just the beginning of the rest of my life!

What’s next for Gia Gunn?

Living my dreams, becoming more known for my talents and continuing to make a difference in our community as well as having a voice and message to all aspiring artists and the LGBTQ community! 


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I like Gia.  I will miss her.  Good luck in all you endeavors.


Gia was my absolute FAVE!!!! I was so hurt when she Sashayed Away. I loved her from the very beginning. "I am the Boom Boom, honey.". Yesssss!!!! Her caring heart just made me love her even more. ESPECIALLY, when she was able to remain so level headed when the other queens were picking on Laganja. Good for you, sticking up for your friend! You will go far Queen Gia!

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