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Instinct Interviews RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 Queen Darienne Lake!

Darienne Lake has been an absolute pleasure to watch on season six of RuPaul's Drag Race. She's a first rate actor, but that's not the only reason she earned plenty of airtime throughout the season; as one of the sassiest and funniest queens in RPDR history, Darienne was constantly the only source of any popcorn-worthy drama, no t, no shade! We dipped our toes into one of America's most beautiful lakes shortly after her elimination, just ahead of the season finale and coronation. We adore Darienne, and though we were sad to see her get thisclose to taking the crown, we were overjoyed to get to chat with her. Here's what the fierce queen had to say:

Jonathan Higbee: What have you been up to since taping?
Darienne Lake: I have been fortunate enough to travel and perform around the country. I still cut hair when I'm back in Rochester. I'm also brainstorming on some book ideas.
Have you heard from your mom since filming the show?
Yes, from both of my parents. My sister told them I was on RuPaul's Drag Race and that the show might contact them. My mother said she wanted to have no part of it, and didn't want to be on tv. I fully respect any decision they make, since they are very private people.
A mid-season episode of Untucked saw Trinity and Bianca confront you about what had appeared to be a recent change in attitude toward the other girls. What was going through your mind when that happened?
When Bianca said, "you have been really hateful today." I knew something was wrong. Normally I am a very social, fun loving person. That particular day I must have put my cranky pants on. After weeks of little sleep, and tense conditions, it can get to you. I took the opportunity to apologize and check myself.
Specifically, your "rivalry" with BenDeLaCreme provided some of the best moments of the season. What was it about DeLa that lead to the frustration?
Our fight was so mild at best. We got on each others nerves, she snapped at me, I snapped back. It's impossible to think you can get along with everyone, every day. Friends are people who stick by you when times are rough.
How have you two been since filming ended?
We worked so well together on the Colorevolution commercial. We had so much fun coming up with a successful viral commercial. I still stand by how we shouldn't have been in the bottom. I can't wait to work with Dela on another project. We share a sense of humor and love of things.
You were arguably the most talented actor of the season. What's your acting background like or are you just a natural?
I haven't taken any formal acting lessons, but I would like to pursue it. I love to get lost in a character. I never thought it could be a reality, because "things like that don't happen to people like us." I've learned that anything is possible if you believe and work for it.
Why do you think you were the one to go this week?
I lost the coin toss. I think it was a really tough decision for them to make. Each of the top 3 have a great shot of breaking through to the mainstream and becoming America's next drag superstar.
Out of all the queens from the season, who would you say you bonded with tightest and why?
Courtney. She is so warm and doesn't bullshit you. She is honest and true to her feelings, and the most open minded people I've met. Plus, her room was next to mine, and she passed me her wine over the balcony. 
Who do you hope to see crowned as winner of season six on May 19?
I don't want to give the pageant answer and say each of them deserve it for different reasons. Which, is true. Adore and Courtney are talented singers and could have the next "Supermodel" crossover hit. Bianca could easily host a show, comedy special, or star in a movie. I know so many people are #TeamBianca. I think the public should get what they want.
You exceeded in so many challenges, but which was your favorite and why?
I loved the comedy challenge. I have been crafting jokes and one-liners on Twitter for years. It was nice to sit down and write a set. It was always a thrill to get RuPaul to laugh. 
What's next for Miss Darienne Lake?
A sandwich and a nap. One of those sandwiches you get for office parties. I am also working on a full hour comedy set, and more travel. I would love to travel across the pond, or Down Under. 
Side note, I've been a subscriber to Instinct for YEARS!! On one of the AtlantisEvents cruises, I even recognized one of your cover models, Andrew Pond-Oldershaw. As a hairstylist, I get the salon to buy the subscription, but I still read it.
Love you!
We love you, too, Darienne, and can't wait to see what you come up with next!
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Darienne was fun on the show.  I'm looking forward to his comedy cd.

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