Instinct Magazine Exclusive! Xavier Muscle Goes Behind the Lens in a Sexy New Career Move

There are many gay men who are most likely familiar with a guy by the name of Xavier Muscle.  He has made the rounds in the fitness industry, as well as showing up on your computer in a variety of solo scenes that has this guy blushing and reaching for the tissues.

A lot of times, men like him are stereotyped into people thinking that they are dumb or can only rely on their body.  That is not always the case, and he is proving that with his new passion of photography.

Photography for Xavier means so much more than what meets the eye.  It's landscapes, bodies, and several other types of art that pique his interests for him to show his thousands of followers while doing so.  He sat down with us at Instinct Magazine to discuss the change in his career, why fitness is still a huge passion, and what's next for this gorgeous dude. 

What prompted you to start doing work in the field of photography?

As a model, I would walk away from some photo shoots thinking that the lighting wasn't the best or the composition wasn't as flattering as it could have been of me.  Something deep inside me was trying to dig out and express something artistic but I couldn't quite grasp what it was.  A couple of years ago, I was given a nice camera as a gift and figured that was all I needed to start this journey into photography. 

Christmas of 2015 is when I first picked up during a party at my house.  The photo opps at the Christmas tree with some children seemed fitting to break out my nice, expensive, shiny new camera.  I puffed my chest out and displayed this fancy camera and urged everyone to put their iPhones away. "I got this", I said.  In automatic mode, I clicked the shutter a few times only to find that my iPhone was taking better pics than this camera.  I began to sweat, thinking to myself that this was not supposed to happen.  I was supposed to get these fancy photos but alas the iPhone was more idiot proof than my camera.  No one knew I was dying inside of embarrassment and I played it off as cool as a cucumber but that ignited the fire inside me.  I knew I had to learn how to shoot in manual mode and understand this art.  I decided I wanted to shoot fitness, so I called on all my stripper friends and sought out some beautiful people to practice this art.  I was self-taught with the occasional annoyance to fellow photographer friends with my newbie questions.  

Is there one type you are more prone to shooting?

This journey of exploration led me to photographing landscapes.  Once I understood the basics of landscape photography, I fell in love with the art of capturing nature and its beautifully orchestrated and ever-changing light.  People began asking for prints of my work to put on their walls.  My main focus now is fine-art photography and traveling all over and exploring new places in hopes of capturing some magical once in a lifetime moments. 

I also am a big dog (specifically Pitbull) advocate.  So, for 2 years now, I have donated my time and work towards creating a calendar named "Biceps & Bullies".  Basically, hot men with muscles and Pitbulls and YES I not only shoot as the photographer for all 12 months, I'm also one of the models in there.  Our story was published last year in MANY newspapers all over the world including the cover of the New York Post.

Will we still see more sexy pics of you moving forward regardless?

Although my love is behind the camera, I still embrace my adventurous side and more risqué version of myself from time to time.  So, it's a given you'll see more...

Why is fitness such a big aspect of your life and has it always been this way?

As a skinny child I was made fun of and always idolized those big bodybuilders.  I never thought I'd be BIG by any means until, well, I got big lol.  I've been lifting weights regularly since I was 13 and couldn't imagine a world that didn't include that for me.

You've done softcore porn videos in the past, is that something you are still doing and would do in the future?

I have done a handful of solo scenes.  Never anyone but me in them.  I have a solo website that includes all different types of fantasy and some fetish videos. 

What's your take on female porn star August Ames controversial comments that she wouldn't work with any man who has done gay porn out of fear for her health?

I really have no information to go off of, other than this question.  These porn stars are tested right?!  Sounds like an ignorant statement but hey if that's her view then that's her view.  I try not to put others down for their opinions as we all have tendencies to not be the most logical at all times.  I wouldn't think that the risk is any more or less than the next guy personally.

Moving forward, what will be your biggest focus? 

My goal is to open up an art gallery and travel the world while documenting my photography journeys.  I do hope you all get a chance to appreciate all the beauty in the world and if you're stuck in an office then you can count on me to give you a little slice of nature from time to time through my lens.

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