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Instinct Magazine Hottie of the Week is 'Shirtlifter' Creator Steve MacIsaac

Steve MacIsaac happens to be very attractive, but there is so much more to him than just his pleasing aesthetic. Hence why we have made him our Hottie of the Week this week. 

The Canadian native, who now calls Long Beach, California his home, is a very accomplished comics artist who has published some incredible piece of works over his illustrious career.

One that Steve is most known for is a book of gay erotic comics that he drew called Sticky. It was originally published back in April of 2006 and was written by Dale Lazarov. The 80-page collection is a wordless, sex-positive book that shows real people having meaningful sex in a real world context with the personality of the guys really coming through. Chances are you have seen Sticky floating around in several book stores, gay themed or not, over the past decade. 

On top of Sticky, Steve has also produced a fantastic comic book series called Shirtlifter, which explores gay life, love, sex and heartbreak. He described Shirtlifter in a previous interview as "The stories in there explore the intersection of culture, identity, and sexuality: how gay men strive, succeed, and fail to make sense of the paradoxes and opportunities that present themselves in contemporary gay life, particularly the construction of presentation of masculinity."

He also just successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign for his latest project: Unpacking (you can still contribute as there are a couple of days left in it). On its official page, Unpacking is described as "a deep-dive into the mind of a recently-separated guy who's struggling to forgive, to let anyone else into his life, and to risk getting hurt again in order to find someone."

So: creative mind, talented artist and superbly handsome are three ways we can easily describe Steve MacIsaac. He's a great example of someone who you should support in our community, as he's keeping the arts within it alive and thriving with his unique take on gay men and the world we live in. 

For more information on Steve, you can check out his official website here.