International Olympic Committee's Dick Pound Attempts To Downplay Russia's War On "Gay Stuff"

You know Russia's two-steps back law that solidified its war on the LGBT community, plunged the country into the 1950s and endorsed a vigilante system of attacks on gays? Everyone needs to get over it, according to an IOC top dog. Canada's Dick Pound (the man, not the gay bar) told Metro that he's relieved that it seems the media is finished reporting on the "gay stuff" in Russia, because it was never a big deal to begin with anyway. 

Metro reports:

“Nobody has got anything else to write about and for some reason as they have sort of moved away from the anti-gay stuff—I think it’s not drawing the kind of attention that they wanted,” Pound said.

Pound said other countries have “far harsher laws” regarding homosexuals than Russia and little is written on that.

“In Malaysia, you can be put to death. In Nigeria, you can be put in jail for God knows how long,” Pound said. “So it’s a target of convenience with respect to Russia, not that I approve of the law, but putting it on a scale of 1-10 of odious laws, it’s not way up there near 10.”

Kind of bad timing for Pound's comments. While certainly myopic, they also arrive one week after a teen was brutally arrested for having a rainbow flag on display during an Olympic torch relay in Russia. No big deal, huh, Dick?



It is in Mr. Pound's best interest for the furor surrounding the Olympics to die down.   He will downplay it in any way that he can, because it is bad for the image of the event.

Regarding his comments on the laws of the other countries, those countries are not hosting the Olympic Games, which is supposed to be the ground where everyone can meet as equals and participate in sports with mutual respect and without fear.   The fact that Russia is hosting the Olympics, and has not guaranteed the safety of the participants or the spectators who are gay, has put a hole in the heart of the event.   Many countries have beefed up security for their athletes, and attached military personnel to their teams.   I wish that the IOC had done a better job in their parley with the Russians over this issue.   Very sad for everyone involved.

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