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Internet Gushes Over Old Pic Of "Geeky" Young Cristiano Ronaldo

A vintage "before" picture of soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo (below) was revealed by E! Online late Wednesday, touted as "the best thing you'll see all day." The Internet seemed to agree, with the image of a "geeky" Cristiano contrasting the gorgeous "after" we see above taking over social networks.

Screw Botox! Is this the effect that piles of cash (and foundation, if you look closely) has on a person's look? We gotta try it! 

And, for the record, if Cristiano had continued down the "geeky" path into adulthood, we still would've been into it. 




Yes :) why should we make a Big Deal about this !!! He is a Great Guy & an Awesome Soccer Player !!!!

Look at the lines cut into his hair. That is to match the scar of a little boy that had brain surgery and Cristiano paid the whole $50,000 himself. I dont care if he plucks his eyebrows, wears foundation or went back to his old "geeky" self, that is one good man.

Stop plucking the eyebrows 

What's wrong with a little self improvement; he's still a beautiful man?

The touch, the feel of cosmetics, the fabric of our lives

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