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It May Be Snowing But The Cold Never Bothered Our Fave Insta Hotties

I’m hearing about the prolonged cold snap and early snowfall that’s hit much of the north and northeast parts of the U.S. and it sure makes me glad I’m on the west coast.

According to Weather.com, a plunge of the jet stream centered over the central U.S. is to blame for the most expansive November snow cover in almost three years.

The winter storm produced much more snow in the NYC area than expected. Central Park had it’s second-snowiest November day on record.

But, to address what’s really important - how are our favorite InstaHunks braving the cold?

And who’s going to keep them warm? Let’s check in, shall we?

First of all, our guy up top is clearly bear-y prepared for the cold that lies ahead.

Snow bears Alex Abramov and bf Brett Miles decided to build a ‘fort’ to protect them from the elements:



[ literally us this cold morning ] Do you think our makeshift fort will keep us warm from this first snow coming our way? picture by @dmitrybocharov #winteriscoming #goodmorning #goodmorningpost #mood #boyfriends #boyfriendsbelike #warmup #BrettAndAlex #pillowtalk #pillowcastle #loveislove #gaycouple #weekendvibes #thursdaymotivation #warmvibes #makeshift #lovehim #myman #keepmesafe #struggleisreal #notperfectbutreal #lovewins #morninggame

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Andrew Serkin was all bundled up (except for that handsome face!):




Ready for a crappy NYC weather

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Daniel Peyer says “the cold never bothered him anyway:”



Celebrity stylist David Lopez hates the snow (but sure looks great):



Fitness model and WBFF champ Bremen Minelli just needs his coffee to cope with the cold:



Max Emerson decided to go snowboarding in Quebec… as only Max can:



Jim Newman, of Daddyhunt the Serial, dresses for cold weather success but has all that daddy-fur to keep him warm as well:





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