Italian Footballers Shower Together & Massage Each Other To Fight Homophobia


The Bergamo Lions, an American football team that plays in Italy, are tackling homophobia in the best way possible--by showing just how comfortable they are via sensual massage and showering together. 

We fully support their efforts to show how secure they are in their sexuality. Keep showing us, gentlemen!!

According to Google Translator, the loose description of the (NSFW-ish) video reads:

“From the Bergamo Lions a touchdown to homophobia and bullying. Italian football team from Bergamo Lions an ironic how strong message against any discrimination in the video shot with the whole team and the participation of Charles Gabardini, the popular “Elm” of the television series “Camera Café” that on October 31 he coming out Republic because of shaken by the news of the suicide of a twenty-one Roman mistreated as gay.”



(H/T: Accidental Bear / The Gaily Grind)


I was sweating just watching it

possibly the most erotic thing I have ever seen!

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