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Italian Hotel Condemned By LGBT Organization For Bathroom Sign

Would you be offended by the sign above?

An Italian bed and breakfast has been criticized after photos emerged of its toilets, which feature the traditional symbols for men and woman – as well as a third for gay men.

The LGBT Rights Organization Association (LeA) shared the pics they obtained of the toilet sign at Tenuta Le Camporelle of Cavallino in Salento, province of Lecce in southern Italy.

A pink female symbol, a blue male symbol, a finally a blue and pink gay symbol are on the sign.  The male and female symbol are the normal style, but the gay symbol appears to be a man standing in a 'come hither' pose.

A spokesperson for the Lecce branch of LeA stated:

It is frankly shocking that in 2017 there are still cases of this kind, where there is a great confusion between gender identity and sexual orientation and it is flaunted in such a misleading and homophobic manner in public places, which only humiliates and hurts people.

When reached for comment, the current owner of the Le Camporelle stressed that the sign had been there for over 15 years, was put up by the previous management, and had always been covered up.

"We never thought of removing it because we could not see it," they told Repubblica, adding: "We found out that it had been tampered with and then we removed the sign to avoid further problems."

The sign does not state that there are three different bathrooms for these three different individuals, but instead hangs over one facility for use by men and women of all sexual persuasions. It is distinguished from another toilet at the establishment, which is wheelchair accessible.

Using Google Translate (since my Italian is nonexistent) we read from :

For the Lea association "it is hallucinating that in 2017 there are still cases of this type, where there is a great confusion between gender identity and sexual orientation, and it is flaunted by communications in such misleading and homophobic public places, which obscure and They do very badly. " The manager of Le Camporelle replies that the sign was above the doors of the previous management, also covered and therefore not visible. "Someone had fun climbing up to that height and peering under the cover, then photographing the sign as it was fifteen years ago - explains the owner to Republic - We probably did not hurt to take it off, but I repeat that to some Day ago it was never visible. " Woman is said to be sorry because "we often host homosexual couples, discriminatory attitudes do not belong to us. Someone - he added - wanted to make us a bad advertisement. " "There is no dust at all," the operators say, explaining that they should not apologize to anyone. "We were not in the wrong. And anyway, having removed that sign is worth more than a thousand apologies. "

A recent report in May from Rainbow Europe shared that Italy is recognized as one of worst countries in western Europe for gay people, ranking 32 out of 49 European countries for respecting gay rights, finishing below Bosnia, Slovakia and Serbia. Malta finished top, ahead of Norway in second and then the UK.

Do you believe the resort's new owner's apology and explanation?

So, would you be offended by the sign?  I personally thought it was fabulous, but for my own bathroom at home. Out in public and 15 years ago ... that might be a different story.

Does the uncovering of this sign also speak about the historical fight LGBT individuals have had over the years?

Doesn't the sign also show the true fight that backward thinking straight law makers can't have but want to?

I am still personally shocked that we are having a fight over which bathrooms and locker rooms trans citizens use. Not to change the focus because both arguments are stupid, I thought that if moronic straight lawmakers were to pick a fight about pee room usage, it would be focused on lesbians being in women's locker rooms or gay being at the next urinal.

How backwards is this fight when the debate about sex possibly occurring in bathrooms focuses on gender identity and not sexuality?

Which sign is your sign?


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