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Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Comes Out In Support Of LGBT Rights

According to La Repubblica, Italian Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi has come out in support of LGBT rights.

“The [fight] for civil rights for homosexuals is a fight that in a truly modern and democratic country should be everyone's responsibility,” Berlusconi said, translated here by The Local. "As a liberal, I believe that through a broad and in-depth debate we can reach a reasonable objective for justice and civilization.”

It's unclear whether this extends to same-sex marriage support, but it's certainly a start and a notable shift from Berlusconi's previous stance. 

According to The Local:

Berlusconi made the statement the day after a number of Gay Pride marches were held across Italy, which saw tens of thousands of Italians take to the streets in support of gay rights. The remarks also came hours after his girlfriend Francesca Pascale and Vittorio Feltri, a journalist at Il Giornale, a newspaper owned by the Berlusconi family, signed up to Italy’s main gay rights organization Arcigay.

Do you consider this progress, Instincters?


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