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"It's Hard Being A Bottom," Says Popular YouTube LGBT Duo

Popular YouTubers Ariella Scarcella and Nickalaws join forces to tell the world how hard it is for a bottom, a challenging preference that regularly includes these caveats according to the duo:

  • You have to adjust your diet. 
  • You don't know what to do with your arms. 
  • You have to squirt water up your ass.

What other bottoming hurdles do Nick and Ariella bemoan? Do you agree with their laundry list?

[Video is possibly NSFW due to the language that comes with the territory.]






I have never shot water in my butt, nor have I ever shit on anyone. Take a shower and for god sakes, don't let anyone put their tongue on your ass. Analingus (Rimming) is disgusting, and could get Hep A.

It is very hard being a bottom. All the planning and preparing involved but I love to to bottom.


Gotta, BE THE TOP!! I know its gotta hurt!!!

i am a top i would never bottom sorry

It isn't that hard to be a bottom. 

It's hard to ready for a rim job 

I think ur confusing. 

To bttm just make sure ur not gonna get shit on his dick. 

If u know your body u can tell if u will or wont

cleaning ur booty hole etc is just extras 

not a requirement  

Love being the bottom, it makes me feel good! 

It's not hard at all!?  Topping is hard.

I agree. But I don't mind it, infact I like to to endure the pain to serve my husband. My man gives me so much pleasure when he comes inside me to release his seeds deep in my guts. 

TMI dude. Plus you sound like a gay-hating troll. Nobody talks like that.

I'm versatile and would say it's more trouble to be the bottom but it take more energy to top

I forgot to mention you also have to be hard to top

I would love to top,butt I'm a versatile bottom for a reason. My boyfriend highly prefers topping. Y? IDK.He's better @ it than me any ways. Plus,I'm way more creative at choosing positions than him. I still love him to death. Kisses to the tops out there.

OMG finally somebody said it!!!! It's a lot of work being a bttm!!!! That's why we are always asking when we are going to have sex so we can be nice and clean!!! 

My husband and I are both versatile so we don't have this problem! !!!

It's an art ;)

Having to plan out your meals because you wanna get laid. But being a bottom and trying to build is almost impossible. You simply have to eat all day. It's food or sex sometimes.

Being versatile has saved me so much trouble with impromptu sex. Sometimes I actually leave the house without having shot water up my ass.

I totally agree!! It's hard being a bottom! 

The only problem I have is finding tops.

Both my husband and I are versatile!  Makes things more interesting for sure :)

I don't!!! And I'm all bottom!!!

Yes for wearing your #tooqueer #iwouldbottomyousohard and #iwouldtopyousohard

i agree boys!

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