'It's Hard Being A Top,' YouTube Duo Explains

​Earlier this week YouTube duo Nickalaws and Arielle Scarcella shared their thoughts on why it's hard being a bottom and now they've flipped the script!

Check out why it's hard to be a top!

Do they make a convincing argument, Instincters? Sound off in the comments!


I think that was hilarious :) 

Like he's ever topped

I have never ever EVER ever understood the whole Top / Bottom debate! if I am with someone it is all or nothing! I want it both ways or you can just go home!

I LOVED this video You two are so adorable. I'll happily subscribe....saw this one my facebook timeline and it made my evening and made me smile 

sama blbost JE do trapné spolupráce Tam deset poslat ONA nažvanili

Saw this video on YouTube. It's funny because it is true.

HAHA so true in so many ways! Once I said I was a Top even my relatves in another country knew I was a top.

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