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Jack Mackenroth, Nick Gruber, Nick Adams Pose For New HIV= Campaign

Ever since Adam Bouska's world-renowned NOH8 campaign found out how to make a social statement go viral, photo campaigns have come and gone trying to hitch a ride to the NOH8 star. HIV=, an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign from Project Runway alum Jack Mackenroth, World Health Clinicians and photographer Thomas Evans. 

“Our goal is to photograph people from all walks of life who support ending HIV stigma, regardless of their personal HIV status. We launched the campaign with celebrities, politicians, artists and many recognizable faces in order to draw attention to our mission, but we plan to include everyone since HIV affects us all,” Mackenroth said. “HIV Equal goes a step further to include testing so that everyone photographed knows their status. We need to take care of ourselves and each other, as well as to reignite the global conversation about HIV to stop the spread of misinformation, fear and judgment.”

From HIVEqual's website:

The HIV Equal photo campaign fights the stigma associated with HIV by illustrating that everyone is equally valuable regardless of HIV status. Participants who sign up to take a photo will also take an HIV test with an on-hand health professional as part of a greater effort to help end the fear around HIV testing. The test is confidential and involves a quick mouth swab with results in 20 minutes. If an individual does test positive the staff is prepared with the necessary counseling and linkage to care.

Individuals are photographed with a unique “HIV=” logo, which strategically appears on their body. As a play on the word “status,” a unique caption will read ‘STATUS:_______,’ and every model picks a word that exemplifies one aspect of their personality. This alludes to the fact that who we are as people is much more important than an HIV status.

Check out Nick Gruber (yes, that Nick Gruber) and Nick Adams' pics for the campaign below:


Dear Lord, get that awful Calvin Klein rent boy out of our lives!  Who the hell does he think he is, decking people for thinking he's gay then trying to come and stir up PR for himself so very cynically as this.

I feel the message is a bit lost... I think I get it, but not sure of its the right conclusion. Its a good campaign, but don't think its viral material - no pun intended.

Many, I find, do not want to be tested because they are afraid to be discriminated against.  Not to buy heterosexuals, but by their own kind: gays.  It appears that it is becoming increasingly prevalent that people in the gay community do not want to get involved with anyone who is HIV-positive, even if they were infected in the midst of helping save patients lives.  Remove the stigma of persecution in the game world and you will increase the number of people who will be tested for possible HIV exposure.

Nope , seems like kind of a joke and could easily be mistaken for the cover of a porn film . Besides Jack Mackenroth being in a photograph the rest make the whole thing appear like a porn/dating site/service for rich silver foxes [DADDIES] & boys who like being kept. Just sayin BTW those are really good pics though.

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