Jackie Beat, Billy Eichner and More Weigh in on Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore

Today, Alabama voters will head to the polls to either elect Democrat Doug Jones or alleged child molester Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate.  Roy has pissed several types of people off, primarily the LGBTQ community who HE blames for the several child molestation allegations against him.  

This particular election is one of the most talked about all year, as thousands of people are questioning why he is even running given the mountain of allegations against him from several different women who claim sexual misconduct against him when they were under the age of 18.

The top trending topic on Twitter as of now is #DearAlabama, where several LGBTQ celebrities and our supporters have weighed in on the election, with the hopes that Roy will lose come days end.  This includes everyone from legendary drag queen Jackie Beat, actor Billy Eichner, entrepreneur Michael Skolnik and more.

The election results will be in later on tonight.  Recent polls show he is still ahead of his opponent Doug Jones for the seat.