James Franco Bares Jock-Strap Clad Butt At 'Broadway Bares'!!

Praise Bianca Del Rio!!

The RuPaul's Drag Race winner stripped James Franco down to his bare ass revealing a black jock strap at Broadway Bares: Rock Hard!!

Watch!! (NSFW-ish)

Yet another reason why we love Queen B!!


(H/T: NNNext)


Oh everyone here that is shit about Bianca or other drag queens, should put their foot where there mouth is...she was my neighbor when I was a gogo dancer in new orleans way before Katrina hit and was the nicest gal i have ever met. So if the omes talking talking shit, try to put a pair of their heels on and see if you can walk...

Your name is not Robert, you are a drag queen hiding behind this fake profile of yours with this fantasy story of living with a gogo dancer once upon a time. You miserable, worthless drag queen with NO future!

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There are NO drag queens that are respectable in this world. Everyone knows, even in the gay culture that drag queens and their followers are low income, underachievers who wind up in smoke filled apartments, with unicorns and cher posters on the wall broke as a nigger. Rupaul is even in debt OUT THAT ASS, with a payment here and a payment there living on credit.

Also, drag queens ALL look shockingly haggard for their age, due to the bar smoke, tugging on the skin with all that thick make up and such.

A dead end lifestyle no matter how you face it.

If anyone calls Bianca a tired old drag queen....they 1) have no clue who she is....she is sensational 2) are jealous and 3)  need a lesson in manners.

Franco is clearly desperate to revitalize his career that he would dare to be seen with a worthless, typical, old drag queen.

Oh you've got it all wrong. That girl works her shit and is highly requested and a regular at top establishments. 

In the words of the great Latrice Royale, "Eat it!"

Gonna dream of that cute sexy ass now...

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Man oh man Franco, you really know how to please your fans. Thanks for all of your hard work & dedication to keep us watching your star rise. I'm truely a fan & love seeing every side of you you wish to show us. What a nice side you've show us here. (= I've gotta go...something came up. (;

I see what you did there.


Fuck it?? Hell, I'd bury my face in there 'til it kissed me back.

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