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James Franco Elaborates About Kissing On 'King Cobra' And Who Stuffed Their Undies

Actors Christian Slater co-hosted today on The Today Show and was able to turn the tables on his 'King Cobra' costar James Franco.  What the fellow anchors labeled going “between two anchors” (a play on Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” web series) was the setting for the two leads of today's movie release 'King Cobra.'

Among other things, Franco dished about the love scenes he shared with fellow actor Keegan Allen.




We've seen the movie already and you can read my review of 'King Cobra' here (King Cobra, We Saw It! And Here's Our Review).  There's one scene in particular that I knew there had to be something in Keegan's undies.  Not for how it looked, but for what he did with his package. 

Do you have plans to see 'King Cobra?'




I support anything James Francois apart of.  He is an amazing guy who doesn't worry about negative feedback from media or society, he also isn't a victim of Hollywood.  Franco is obviously very passionate when it comes to acting in biggest movies right now as well and his directing, producing of lesser known projects.  I have more respect for James Franco than any other Actor in our society.   Whether he realize it or not he directly helps to change the Hollywood's tone and attitude towards  "homosexuality".  James is definitely a confident man, unlike mainstream celebrity culture. 

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