James Franco Hits Instagram w/ His 'New Lover' Zachary Quinto

​James Franco posted this photo with his Michael co-star Zachary Quinto on Instagram, writing: "My new lover, SPOCK! @zacharyquinto"

Franco and Quinto play lovers in the film, which centers around former gay magazine editor turned ex-gay activist Michael Glatze.

We're more than a little excited about seeing the pair in action together. Purely for their acting, of course.


being gay wouldn't be being such a contentious issue if the word gay didn't describe (and force people who hear it to visualize) specific sex acts, and between two men. people would be grossed out if a group of people identified themselves as butt-lickers and proud of it.... then they held marches named Butt Lickers Pride. I personally like the gay people I've met and think many are exceptionally kind and clever. but it grosses me out big time to imagine a dude doing gross sex stuff with another dude. it is disgusting to think about and the only time I do is if I hear the word gay... then it pops into my head.. of course.. because that's what gay means. gay means a dude does sex with a dude. why identify yourself by the type of sex you do? should I start a group called doggie style bangers so I force people to think of the type of sex acts we do when they hear our name? it's an analogy with at least some merit. the point is simply that it's cool if people do any kind of sex. what is bothersome is when a group of people label themselves by their sex acts they do and force people to imagine it by just simply saying it. 

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What I cant understand is how you gays, being so critical of others as you are, have not yet pointed out that both of these guys look OLD AS PHUCK, with heir old, saggy faces and such.

My God, as I read through this I can't help but worry about what a world full of morons.  It's unimaginable that there are this many crazy fanatics out there.  If your a homophobe then why the hell are you on this site?  Do you think your prayers will save us.  Fuck you!  I don't need anyone to pray for me, especially not some wacko!

There is no racism or hatred in Europe...at all.  Hmmm, I can think of a few hateful things and racists things that Europeans have done and still do today.

Get the fuck over yourselves.  And by the way, speaking of language, you'd all be speaking German if it weren't for the hateful Americans that saved your bloody ass.

I don't think you should perpetuate a myth that letting bloodshed continue for years before becoming embroiled is the same thing as saving asses.

Are we really still concerned with that?

So what about what's happening to innocent Jews in Europe today? 

USA went to war in Europe because if the east front, the victory of USSR.

without the US intervention, we would probably speak Russian 

OMFG, is humanity in trouble.  People are so fucking stupid.

Lol, Zachary Quinto ain't gay! His one true love is a hetero Latina who co-starred with him in Heroes.

He already came out dumbass.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/18/zachary-quinto-jonathan-groff-breakup_n_3619407.html

I know...who doesn't already know that.  He was even on Howard Stern and talked about it in detail.

And Quinto's girlfriend is a beauty, dumb fuck! His boyfriend?

dude, Zachary Quinto is OPENLY gay. like, out and proud. how are you unaware of this?

Well, I'm against religion.  I think it's for weak-willed primitives who lack the balls to just say they don't like something.  Instead they use an imaginary being to hide all their hate and intolerance behind. I believe that to think God would speak to us through a text so old that its unclear about His meaning, when He could speak directly to us NOW, is absurd.  Don't you think He would speak to modern man in a modern way through a contemporary voice?  If He loves us so much, as we are told He does and we are His children, wouldn't He be clear and present about His meaning and intention? Of course He would.  He wouldn't rely on a text that been bastardized to suit the political and social agendas of despotic men throughout the centuries, claiming that it's God's own words. I'd think that would anger Him, being used like that for man's selfish purposes.  It may come to some as a surprise, but you CANNOT PROVE that your God is real.  Neither can either Christian or Muslim (nor any other religion) PROVE that their books weren't written by self-serving, ego-driven MEN, not God. AND there is no proof that anything in them is inspired by God.  That's why its call FAITH.  NOW, since none of you can PROVE these things you believe with hard facts, WHY should you be entitled to determine the life course for other men?  WHY should your FAITH be the law of the land when it is not based in fact?  WHY should free-thinking people with different beliefs, be subjected to your SUPERSTITIOUS NONSENSE, and furthermore, be punished for not adhering to it?  Your way of thinking is RIDICULOUS and, quite frankly, PRIMITIVE.  I have FREE WILL and that means I have the right to make my life as I choose it to be, answerable ONLY to my Creator - NOT YOURS!  The only laws government should make are the ones that protect the rights and freedoms of EVERY citizen from the overreach of people like YOU!  Laws of man should protect the equality of every man and woman in this PHYSICAL world and leave the spiritual world to each person to determine for themselves  the manner in which DIVINE LOVE speaks to them.  Its not your place to say how I should live because words in an old book say so. If you do, in fact, believe as you say you do, then what you say here is BLASPHEMOUS to your own God, because you are saying by your actions, that your God has made mistakes of creation (gay people, infidels, etc..) that He cannot correct and that YOU must do so to protect Him.  I don't know what kind of father you grew up with, but He must have been a weak willed sad little man if he expected you to, for example, go to his workplace and correct his errors.  If God is what you say, then good for you.  However, YOU have no right to take away my right of self-determination - that which was granted to me by my CREATOR.  YOU attempt to usurp the rights that were granted me by what you call God, and then you say you are humble before Him?  YOUR ARROGANCE is bigger than your mouth and that's no small feat.  Your pride will be your undoing, for there is no humility or grace in you, only anger and hostility.  I'm sorry for you that you misunderstand the whole of creation as you do, for you will have the life you wish on another and what you do to another will come to your doorstep very quickly.  May you be at peace with how you have dishonored your God on your last day.

Omg, this needs to be viral. Brilliant.


This is the smartest comment here.

hmmm...what are the "homophobes" doing here on a gay oriented site? Ironic isn't it?

Well I love all of you, regardless of gender preference, race, belief, or the choices you make, simply because JesusChrist loved me when I was scum and he saw something beautiful in me that was worth saving. When I later realized the beauty He saw in me, I made the choice to be changed by Him and He wasn't pushy or demanding for me to change ASAP. He was calm, loving, and passive. So now I no longer live but Christ lives within me. All I pray is that everyone can pray for each other, love one another, and be patient for one another to make their own choices for the life that was given to them: Whether taking that step towards Our Lord and Savior JesusChrist, or if you decide not to, that's OK, you made your choice, I'll be sad that you didn't choose Jesus because I want you to be with me united under JesusChrist, but I WILL STILL LOVE YOU as JesusChrist loves me, Forevermore.

God doesn't exist. Hail SATAN

Wow for me to be a lesbian reading all that just proves my point of we live in a Homophobic Sexist Racists and Bigot society What happen to Love

actually its not....you need to think how you act around these ppl. cuz forcing heteros to accept you isnt the option ....need to find a more DIGNIFIED way of showing who you are...dont bitch about a homophobic world when you bitch about heteros doing wat they do.... it takes more than just pride about yourself to open others to a diff way of life....it also takes TOLERANCE on our part as well as theirs...so again.... LEARN A NEW TACTIC other than bitching about it....

i`am a Muslim guy ,and i like to say that homosexuality is forbidden in my religion cause that its against the human nature which god create the human to act it, and if every man become gay and every woman become lesbian, i think that the human will extinct just like as dinosaurs,so i think that its a very persuasive reason for being the homosexuality illegal in all the celestial religions nor just in Islam

If you are a Muslim why are u in this magazine page? 

Look freak, do a lot of gay people go troll you on your muzzy internet sites? --Do we interrupt your conversations about blowing up innocent women and children? No? So get the hell off this site unless you want to come clean about why you're really here: you love dick more than you love your crazy pedophile 'prophet' (may God spit in his face).

at least we don't fuck goats

Umm. I think the dinosaurs did not become extinct because they were homosexual. I might be wrong. I choose to believe that I don't know everything and keep my mouth shut in such situations. 

You are a brainwashed idiot... you disgust me and not because ur Muslim but because you are so blind to the facts. The fact is only about 10% of the world population is gay and it isnt by choice. Infact only about 10% of the world is straight and the estimated 80% is bisexual or have at least experimented once with the opposite sex. Odds are you will have a gay experience or you already have... Homosexuality is also seen in nature, do you want to make it illigal for penguins to be gay? So the penguin population doesnt go extinct? I suggest you use your brain the way "god" intended you to and do not let it be corrupt with what some religion says as there is no scientific basis for what is preeched regarding why people shouldn't be gay and assuming it is a choice. I hope that if you do go to heaven that there are 72 virgins to meet you... but I also hope there all men...

Fuck you. You stupid gay cunt. No one likes gay people and no on will ever like your gay lifestyles. You guys need to to grow the hell up and stop being so mind fucked. And I'm not saying this because I'm Christian but because I just hate gay people!

I like gay people and the lifestyle. Oh because I'm gay. You're the dimwitted who needs to get with society. You say you're Christian which fascinates me on how cruel you are. Religion is about acceptance you stupid arrogant prick.

you sir, are a fuck wit :) shove your cross up your arse cos no gay is ever gonna give you the time of day or the future, youre talking out a huge gapping hole in your tiny head you mutha fuckin hater

You're intitled to your religious beliefs, however, homosexual behavior is not a sim
Homosexual animals exist in nature. If s lion or an ape can be gay, how can you say it is against God? God made all creatures and if you think humans choose to be gay, nature had in many many cases proved you wrong. Can you explain how a less intelligent creature would "choose to be" homosexual? Do you think that animals are defying God? And by the way, only God can judge man. Not you and not your religion.

Good on James Franco!!  I adore him and think it's wonderful he's exploring himself this way through his art.  We should all take risks and step outside our comfort zones to grow.  

Gay is not good and god hate them ,and fact that gay people can never ever complete their life together this impossible , religions are from god but people hate that fact , and have a nice day 

Umm....inbred much? You don't sound like someone capable of even reading a religious text, much less understand any of the concepts inside.

God is perfect love, hate is fear, love is letting go of fear.  Religions are man made.  God loves you and all of us, we are one.

Oh cuz u totally met god. Right?

First of all, God does not hate... 2nd Jesus Christ never said anything about homosexuality in the 33 yrs of his life nor even when He returned in Spirit. You need to spend a little more time reading and studying the Bible, as well as, studying grammar. I am a God fearing man and work in the ministry. You my dear need to learn the 2 greatest commandments: love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind, body and spirit. 2nd love thine neighbor as you love yourself.

Brother in Christ all i have to say is AMEN! and i wish more Christian men would speak out on behalf of the gay community!

you know it is funny that your God says to not judge people or you shall be judged sevenfold have fun in Hell sweet heart

Oh goth, you bashers still exist? Cant you see gays are coming to the light. Can you just take your disgusting mind to the priest that molested you please? Thank you :D

wait wait if they r not catholic u then just need to tell them to go drink the kool aide like the rest if their odious Hillsborough church hateful fools!


i am a Christian and i was raised in a church home... and one thing that i cant stand the most is when ppl speak of God with messages of hate. When Jesus walked the earth it wasnt with only Christians it was with tax collector and prostitutes. EVERYONE is loved by God and EVERYONE is equal in His eyes. Please if u speak of hate do it only for you bc u DONT SPEAK FOR ALL CHRISTIANS NOR GOD!!!!!

Best comment by a christian! Whish more people thought like you!

as elvis would say thank you thank you very much!!


Fuck you bitch, doesn't god love everyone you psycho fucker. 

'bashing comments' are a telltale sign people are still hiding in front of their monitors while fetal in the closet...hi, I'm Rick Serrano.

So...how about that James Franco dude that probably brought us all here ay...

Yay! #teamvers

Bunch of fags being fags..go eat yer buddy's ass out ha!

You must be gay if you know what happens behind closed doors . . . MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM???????????????

I have only read the first page of comments and I am already sick to my stomach. People bashing people who are bashing gays? I mean, thank you for the backup but it's hipocracy. People who don't know how to spell? That's just silly since the website actually provides spell check in the comment box. Religious people quoting the Bible?! Again, it's silly since we all know it's just a movie. I don't know what's worse; like I said, though, sick to my stomach I am. Just let it go and focus on what link you clicked on. How can you get so far off topic?!

i dont mean this hatefully but u are doing just the same as ALL of us. as the ignorant dont represent all christians you do not represent all gays and i am sure some of the gay community are just tired of all the hate comments and always having to defend themselves. . . and i am tired of ppl labeling me just bc i profess to be a christian. ..  so this is a no win situtaiton till everyone just shuts the hell up i guess or just agrees to disagree

Hipocrisy*. Really funny, bashing people about not knowing how to spell.

Hypocrisy* but good job trying to be the clever asshole here.

Oh my gosh, it's just a selfie! chill out!

Lol why is everyone engaging the bible nuts and rednecks? This isn't 1990 - if they want to spend their time online convincing the readers of INSTINCT.com not to be gay and saying what America is/isn't, I say that's a great use of their time. It's less time to pollute the actual world. Laughing at them is the ultimate dismissal - they are jokes, don't grant them a platform. 

That is the way to deal with them alright :)

After reading all the comments...i offer this...death to planet earth...as we speed off into the rest of the universe we will spill a drop of our 40'S for you all...uhhhhh!

To use science to defend gay rights, there are a few animals that go through a natural gender change when the opposite gender is absent from their ecosystem. Two examples are the Clownfish and Common Reed Frog.

i like how some people think that " gay causes gay" ... only straight couples produce babies; straight and gay alike they all had the same start lol

OMG a smart person on the internet....where did you come from? O.O

You're smart I like you

You, I like you. You have a brain. :3

All of you people quoting the bible are just closet homosexuals. good day.

dont worry london dude a lot of americans feel the way you do

And about the illegals, Jesus christ if you want to be in this country, fine, but learn to speak our fucking language. We weren't raised to learn 8 different languages. Although, it would have been nice. Just speak English and everyone will get along just fine.

I'm Native American, Cherokee, full blood, and I am simply disgusted by this. English is not the national language, nor are white people natives to America. That's why they call us Native American. We were here first, and none of you tried to learn our language or our customs. Instead, you slaughtered us. Some of my ancestors died on the Trail of Tears, and had long suffered, because you "Americans" took our land and treated us like slaves and savages. So, what if I suggested you start learning our tongue, and we'll get along just fine. But we don't ever say that, because we're simply better than people like you. I have no problem with white people, it's not entirely their fault that their ancestors were bloodthirsty assholes, but for god sakes you REALLY need to brush up on your history before ignorant words come out of your uneducated mouth.

The United States supposedly prides itself on being a land of many cultures and says, "We will take your tired, your poor, your hungry." So isn't it possible that they don't have a resources to learn "our language," which isn't the national language. We don't have one. Also, the Deaf community in the United States is filled with individuals who are uncomfortable using English. They have a language. American Sign Language. There is no reason to blame other people for their individuality. Throughout the entire United States, there is someone who speaks the same language.

Jada, do you know any native tongue? I didn't think so. Maybe you will think next time before you open your mouth to portray thoughts from your pea sized brain. This is not, nor will it ever be your country. This country belongs to the Native Americans, and truth be known Mexicans have more right to be here then you and your European ancestry. I am a White American of Norwegian ancestry and I know my place. Its time you learned yours.

Thank youfor being one of the many smart persons to comment on this subjuct. God doesn't make ugly, we make ugly when we teach our children how to hate each other.

well said

Some people pick up English faster than others. Some immigrants don't have access to Rosetta Stone or don't live with English speakers. If they perform manual labor, they may not use English extensively in order to learn it as quickly as a person immersed in only that one language 

Start brushing up on your Cherokee jackass.

....I am not sure how Native Americans would feel about your statement here. I am not saying people shouldn't learn English. English is a very important skill, after all. However, I do find it funny that some people are content with knowing only English and believe that everyone else should "learn to speak our fucking language" instead of expanding their own horizons. A bit self-centered, don't you think? I am pretty sure most Americans that are abroad for work continue to speak mainly and only English. If the positions were switched, and you were moving to, say Japan, for work, I would love to know how quickly you pick up Japanese.

Couldn't agree more with you. I am 50 percent Native American, and I can tell you that a majority of my family and community members would not appreciate that statement.

That`s why yall bunch of  morrons , racist americans are not welcome in Europe .. We dont want you here , stay in your * great* country , full of hate , rascism, assholes ... live ur own life and live ppl leave .. speaking about illegals and gay ppls ...get some book and read your fucking story .. YOU ARE ALL  ILLEGAL INMIGRANTS

That's right I am. I'm actually European. I guess I should move back home.

I hate to think that other countries hate me, none the less some really amazing great people in America shadowed by all the hate here. I know the racist crap is getting really old but I do see a change in it slowly. Sorry you feel this way but know we are not all racist, moron, Americans. For the statement about us being immigrants I feel that its a poor judgment call on your part as people have changed so much over the past few decades you can't say the generation today would have made the same decisions to take, pillage and plunder this country and claim it as their own, I feel its also not fair to say to all the people born here, we did not make that decision. I am part French Indian and Black Dutch so where does that put me In your statement? Yes you might say a mutt but I would like to say I am part of something and one day hopefully there will be a huge positive change in the way we live. 

Actually being as I was BORN in america I did not immigrate from any where I am not an illegal immigrant, and seeing as my great great grand parents moved to this country way back when they we were trying to start a country and came through the gages of Ellis island and registered they are immigrants not illegal immigrants. There is a difference between people who are legal and illegal immigrants. I have no problem with anyone who wants to move to America, what I d have a problem with are the one that do come here illegally and bitch and complain and demand they get the same rights as anyone who went through the proper channels to become legal citizens. It actually makes it harder for people to come to the states legally because yes America is filled with lots of racisit bigots who assume anybody foreign is here illegally.

I think he was trying to say that most peoples ancestors came from elsewhere. As for people from south of the border, there was no Ellis island for them. As for northern Mexicans, the border jumped them. Anyone who studied some history knows that America was selective as to what type of immigrants it wanted. I'm sure that selection didn't include Hispanic people. Even the Irish got the short end of the stick for a time. The argument you make is weak though in these times I am for securing the border.

OK can we all just stop this race baiting BS. Using the past does no good here at all. Immigration is broken, we all know that. Giving blanket amnesty is not an answer either. The situation must entail economics, living conditions, so on and so forth. We live in the here and now, I wasn't here when the blankets were handed out and I refuse to accept a guilt trip for what I DIDN'T do so long ago. Whether we like it or not, this is the UNITED STATES. People did bad things, but we supposedly live in a civilized society needing to balance the needs of others wanting to come here vs the needs of those who are here now. Secondly, I shouldn't be judged just because I'm "the white man" that did all this when my family came from Norway on the boat just like so many other immigrants. The race baiting is huge on both sides of the pond. But anybody who comes here should be prepared to be a productive part of society. While many people do, there are so many others who are riding on the backs of their OWN people to get a free ride. So, just because you come from the same culture doesn't mean you should let others in your own race take advantage of your own hard work. I live in a highly populated Mexican immigrant area and have grown up with them. I speak Spanish and English and I can tell you from experience not all Mexicans are happy about this thoughtless influx.

Thanks London Dude we love you too.

Sooooo ANYWAYS!!!!!!! This sounds like it will be a good film. I'm glad James Franco is doing some serious (non-comedic) roles.

You guys are all losers. Stop talking about it.

I really think the focus here should be on spelling. Learn the difference between they're, their and there. Then come back and write something readable. The bible did not have misspelled words like that. You people drive me crazy!  Get a proper education before you voice an opinion!  Thanks!

You're nuts. "The bible did not have misspelled words"... Well that happens to be because its been edited hundreds of times, and added to for crazy people like you. I'm sure if this was edited that much, it would be flawless. No need for your craziness okay, relax.

when you use religion to back up your argument it suddenly becomes invalid since, the bible was written by people who said they could talk to god.

The double exclamation mark at the end seems redundant. Shouldn't it be: ...an opinion, Thanks!

Satisfaction from this English Major! **tips hat**

Just so you bible thumping boobs. Jesus took it up the ass.

Comment about the Bible discussion. The Bible (as are most books about how to live life) is filled with admonitions regarding what are considered unhealthful practices. Tears on the protective layer of any body part (e.g. a break in the skin) allows entry of infectious agents. Certain human body orifices are evolutionarily more "designed" for insertion, while others are not. The Bible, as a collection of thought about how to live, carries many types of information and one sort (advising healthful practice) should NOT be mistaken for another (moral advice). I'm not a Bible scholar, just a well-trained reader.

The bible says hate the sin, love the sinner

No it doesn't. That was Tupac...


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