James Franco Posts (And Deletes) Naughty Revealing Underwear Selfie!

James Franco certainly knows how to turn the conversation back to himself! 

The selfie afficionado posted (and then deleted) this suggestively revealing selfie last night! (He must be absolutely shocked that the interwebs managed to capture it for posterity.)

Oh James. Never change!


(H/T: BuzzFeed/Wicked Gay Blog)


Ok James!
Enough already with the half naked selfie's.
Let's see the beans & weenies'. 
or are to busy hunting bear/bare??

His selfies always make him look like he's on drugs.... but yes, sexy.

He needs the Bieber/Efron/Lautner body, and an Oz smile!

Personally I think the man is sexy as fuck! The fact he looks like a real man,  in real underwear hell yes.   You guys talking shit outta be posting photos of yourselves as well as a list of your achievements that can match his, and then lets talk OK?

I agree too!!

People today, are so fast to judge and throw shade! Instead of being that " Man in the mirror! "


He is so smashed!

That is not a naughty pic. That is a cry for help. He did the right thing in deleting it. (Shudder) Hey  James if you need to talk to someone email me. Or do some digging and find me :) Your friend, Jeff

Buddy grew a belly since i last seen him ! LOL !  He's just doing dat lol ! Push it out man , breath, like your pregnant huff n puffing, playing with your tent all the time in your bedhead lol ! Wunderbar ! OvaLsQUARE UNDIES ! hah !

Thanks for the LOVE Instinct, right back at ya! 


Wicked Gay Blog

The bitchiest gays are the ones who are goingto look like dogfood when they are forty five. Nothinf ages worse than

1. The cherubic twink: TAH DAH now I'm Truman Capote! and

2. The beefcake: TAH DAH now I'm a collapsing bag of leathery hamburger with crippled knees.


*sigh* Zach Efron or whoever spends months getting ready and hours in the makeup chair so that he looks like THAT for a week of shooting or a day of photos. They don't look like that all the time.

And guess what: in 12 years, Jared Leto will be an old dude. We all will. It's that or be dead.

He looks like a homeless person quite a sexy guy but why wld he post a photo of himself looking like he just got up? I now see why he deleted it. Not a good look

Whys he so sweaty, I like to think of what he was doing that led him to take such a selfie hahaha. But seriously, wash that hair it looks so grungy

It'd be cool if I met you to, so sexy. I'd love to be your personal body guard!!!! :-)

 you go  JAMES  you are a real guy. this is why so many people love you , l have alot of respect for you and l never met you be cool if l did  over a few beers ..cheers dude 

You know what. .. HE IS BEING REAL .... What's wrong with that.... better then some of these stuck up stars .... He got my attention ....

he's hot, hot, hot!!!!

LOL, The world needs a James Franco (or two)... just to "LOOSEN UP A LITTLE" ... sometimes a guy, is "just a guy" ...

Being gay, one thing that bothers me is the rampant cattiness that's a constant in this community.

Realness. No celebrity starness. Keep it real Franco.

I really like his tongue in cheek attitude to sexuality and think that he is a commendable role model for young people. Can't understand all the bitchy comments.

He's real , no photo shopping ! 

He is no Jared Leto that is for sure.At least Jared looks great naked and looks like he's having fun.James just looks like a old weird guy.

Something is not right with this man.

Handle your business Honey ; )

I am so over him and doubt i see any of his future movies because of all the shit he has done this past year...constant selfies that are unattracitve and always fliriting shamelessly with the gay commmunity.....in bed with guys but always in a joke manner....very very  tired of him and he is no longer attractive. Loved him in Milk but his stupid antics are what I now remember about him. And dont forget he is the worst host in oscar history.

bitch please! lets take a second and remind ourselves that you really do not matter in the grand of things. 

Oh god shut up!

i'm sure he wont miss you

Is he on drugs or what.

Move your damn hand, James!

Gross underwear for someone with his money!

oh no, he isn't a materialistic bastard!!!!!!!!! What a failure of a rich and successful person.

I think this is the single most unattractive picture of him that I have ever seen.   Maybe he should run all these "selfies" through his publicist from now on.... :)

He cracks me up, lol!

OMG, where is the sex pack!! 

Nothing good about him!!

Love him!!!  You go boy!!

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