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James Franco Slams Gawker Over 'Homophobic Scoop' On Alleged Live-In Boyfriend

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James Franco took Gawker to task on Facebook and Instagram over a piece that ran Wednesday titled "James Franco Is Living With A Man."

The article calls into question Franco's platonic or not-so-platonic relationship with his Child Of God leading man and longtime friend, Scott Haze. Gawker cited a New York Times article on Franco and Haze by Jacob Bernstein when writing:

Besides their artistic ventures, reporter Jacob Bernstein points out that Franco and Haze “met about a decade ago when they were acting students in Los Angeles,” are “so close that describing them merely as friends would be a disservice,” and are “sharing an apartment in Brooklyn this summer.” And here’s the kicker:

By now, it was 12:30 a.m. and Mr. Franco was clearly fading. An assistant pointed him and Mr. Haze to two waiting town cars. Mr. Franco expressed surprise, since they needed only one. “We live in the same place,” he said.


But theirs is the kind of relationship—somewhat ambiguous, seemingly gay, probably romantic—that almost always sends The New York Times into a bizarre moral panic. Remember Marty Peretz and “his assistant, a 26-year-old former I.D.F. officer”? Or Anderson Cooper’s “good looks, high spirits and glamorous adventures”?

Sounds like they could just be roommates, no??

For his part, Franco responded to the implication that Haze was his live-in boyfriend, posting on Instagram and Facebook:

He always has a sense of humor about these things--even as he continues to provoke the discussion and stir the pot. 

What do you think, Instincters? Was Gawker's piece homophobic? Thoughts on Franco's response?


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Ah yes, the place of eternal torture that was created by the all loving creator. Love me or I'll torture you for eternity. Cannibalize my son (who, according to the loony myth, was me made flesh), bathe in his blood, ignore reason and logic, and wear my sons (?) execution devise around your neck for all to see, and you too can spend the next 10 trillion+ years cowering and groveling and singing praises to my name. How brainwashed do you have to be to buy this nonsense?



You're so sweet. Smooches.



Franco's boyfriend is hawt

although perhaps predominantly hetero, james likely has had some bi experience, and perhaps has such intimacy w scott. that would be nice, and nice if they could be open about it (in these yet crazy times), but no big deal in any case.

What a nobody, creating all this DRAMA to attempt to revive his career that was not relevant to begin with. He is gross and crusty now.

This dude is past his prime and a total bore. Talent? Modest.

James Franco is trés hot but not gay.  We should be glad that he is not and that he is just cool.  Is the article homophobic?  No, just like SM said, it is just gossipy trash talk.                                                                                                          

Homophobic?  No, reason being, by definition, homophobia is an unreasoning fear and/or hatred  of homosexuals/homosexuality... and I don't see either of those things...What I do see, is someone trying to make someone into something they are not... or hoping to be the first to find out the truth about someone and tell the world something private, about said someone.... in either case, it's just tabloid fodder,

regardless of how popular or big a celebrity someone is, they still have a right of privacy...

well , when you chose to accept the task of being a celebrity , you also chose to give up some privacy whether you like it or not .  It is part of the deal ... and if they didn't like it , they would simply move out of California or at least New York or LA .. they realize they need all publicity , good or bad , and their faces need to be on magazine covers all the time  , or they become irrelevant in Hollywood . 

EVERYONE, has the right of privacy... celebrity or not... chosen or not... as you say, some may be addicted to the fame and lime-light... but even though, they may "NEED" the attention, they still have the right of privacy... whether or not they choose to give it up or not...

Hmmm... I agree with most posts, it's just a piece of fucking gossip, James and me and anyone in the world must love, live, share and have intercourse with anyone we may feel happy with, and that is NO ONE business.

However, I think being as kind, charming and beautiful as he is, he deserves the best person who complements him in the inside and outside.

Gay.. Straight.. Bi.. Transgender.. In this day and age who gives a flying fuck!! I do know James Franco is an excellent actor and knows his craft. And he has a wonderful sense of humor the way he bends all the limits at times. Who he sleeps with as his other half is really none of our business. But it certainly does make good press at times!!!

Gay or not, it's really none of our business. PERIOD

James is NOT GAY! He's just being himself! Mischievous in a very endearing way. Don't get me wrong, I think if I had half a chance I'd meet him for dinner and try to convince him that I'm really the only guy he would ever need. However, as a fan and follower on Facebook, it's obvious he's got plenty of female company and probably a "special" lady friend, but the obvious Homophobic right wing Christian brigade just love to HATE! I'm so glad I live here in the UK. It's not perfect, but irony suits us here, we GET IT! Highlighting prejudice and hate is welcome from anyone in my mind, so thanks James Franco, and please look me up for a "Guy type Beer" if your ever this way. (Or that way!) x 

I don't think it is any of anyone else' s business! Get a life!

Let's hope he tweets a pic of them naked in bed together.

I feel that Instinct tends to blow up ideas with headlines and classifies information in cliche ways so as to attract attention.
If I were entering a party or club and saw people I associate in my mind with the kind of information I usually see here, I would veer away in avoidance.
You grab my attention, but I am usually disappointed with the actuality.
This dynamic causes me to feel disappointed with my own presumptions.

You're perfect. You pretty much summed up what I've always felt XD Thank you, this made my day.

A lot of homophobia here in the comments...

Homophobia is the fear of homosexuals. So, no, the article did not imply a fear of homosexuals, so no, it's not homophobic. Instead, the article was a gossipy piece of trash. Let's call it like it is and not label everything as homophobic.

Precisely. I have no truck with "homophobia" being used as an umbrella term for any sensationalized or dubiously factual reporting on (potential) same-sex relationships... that devalues it as a term for actual hate/fear and if done frequently enough will be akin to crying wolf.

To produce a gossip piece for an overtly GLBT-positive site founded by proud "messy pansexual" Nick Denton aimed at urban liberal millennials, with the implication a male celebrity may have a boyfriend and NO implication such a thing would be wrong or perverse is far from homophobic. think of a similar piece non-judgmentally presenting clues he or another white man may have been "at it" with a woman of color...would anyone call that racist?

If Franco actually went gay, he'd be instagramming it and possibly issue a press release. They're just roomies.

Not everyone need to be gay in this world.  Someone needs to give birth to the future gays.

I love and adore James Franco; that said, from my theater seat I think Gawker hit a sensitive nerve.

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