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James Franco & Zachary Quinto Are "Out w/ Molly" In New 'Michael' Film Photo

Production continues on Michael the film centered around ex-gay activist Michael Glatze portrayed by James Franco. James posted this new production photo on Instagram and it appears that he and his on-screen lover Zachary Quinto are on the Molly train. (They're in character, of course.)

Franco writes: "Me and Quinto out with Molly! ...Molly is a girl I know! Wtf!"

Molly, as you probably know, is a street name for the drug MDMA.


(H/T: Towleroad)



James Franco keeps milking the gay community for fame. Who gives a f%ck what he is doing.

clearly you do

Well, you cared enough to click on the link AND comment, soooooo...

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