Jamie Dornan Talks About The Size Of His Undercarriage!

No one knows how to hit a woman quite like Jamie Dornan's character Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey flicks, and fans of the popular BDSMmm mmm good franchise know that the movies are really a knockout! You'll be slap-happy. They do a punch-up job. Grey can only climax while physically attacking hesitant young women and nobody's talking about it. 

NE WAYZ Jamie Dornan has made a name for himself in the biz and the boy with the dazzling brown eyes, adorable face, visible bouncing beach bulge, and insane body, and all of these attributes are sure to be on full display in the upcoming Fifty Shades Freed - set for a Valentine's Day weekend release so you and your sweetie can get some hot tips for the boudoir later in the evening. I wonder how many Ben Wa balls never even make it out of the theater.  

Dornan is hitting the streets hard for Freed, and while chatting it up with Jimmy Kimmel, he revealed that it basically requires a duffel bag to contain his peen! He's actually bared it in the past, and you can see that junk HERE (site NSFW), but there's something about hearing him describe his no-no region that's really doing it for me. Here's what Dornan has to say about the modesty pouch that he wore while filming sex scenes with Dakota Johnson:

I wear a wee-bag. Well, that’s an expression from where I’m from—a wee-bag. But it doesn’t mean it’s actually wee in size. I wear quite a big bag! I wear this huge travel bag and stuff everything in there.

While Dornan's pecs are the peciest pecs around and his arms are two firmed up vein casseroles, picturing this gigantic bag of Dornan's bits is what really has me wanting to hit the theater next weekend! Hit. Lolz.