Jamie Dornan On Why THAT Bulgy Scene Was Hard To Film

When the official trailer for Fifty Shades Freed dropped in November of 2017, the Gay Internet almost lost its mind after glimpsing star Jamie Dornan's swinging satchel as he sashayed out of the ocean. Yes, some pointed out that choices were made in outfitting Dornan in this cobalt Land's End swim trunk vision (30 second mark in trailer below,) but I say, practicality is hot. Snap pocket to secure hotel room swipe card? Well now I'm the one who's wet.



NE WAYZ Dornan, who plays the dark and mysterious Christian Grey - a man known for his debonair looks and millionaire lifestyle as much as he's known for liking to hit women - is now opening up about the epic beach scene. And it turns out it wasn't as much fun to film as it is to watch! Graham Norton gets the stunning actor to open wide up about the most talked about moment from the Fifty Shades Freed trailer, and the deets are hilar and a half:

That was horrendous. If they just tilt the camera down, that whole moment was awful. We had the beach, semi-sort of closed off, but actually there were loads of people that we didn’t have control over. They want me to be sexy coming out of the water. But it’s not a sand beach! It’s one of those wee pebble beaches. Literally, you cannot look cool running out of the water. 

"Wee pebble beaches?" The cutest. Fifty Shades Freed hits theaters on February 9th, just in time for moms everywhere to lactate all over theater seats next to their uncomfortable husbands on Valentine's Day. Check out the clip from Dornan's appearance on the Graham Norton Show below and let us know if Jamie is BDSMmm mmm good in the comments!