Janet Mock: 'Caitlyn Jenner Is Not A Spokesperson For The Trans Community'

Author and transgender rights activist Janet Mock recently appeared on Chelsea Handler's Netflix show.  

While speaking to Handler, Mock let it be known that the transgender folks have by-and-large rejected Caitlyn Jenner as a spokersperson for the community.

“I think my community has overwhelmingly said ’We do not want that.’” 

She added:

“I’m not Caitlyn’s publicist, I’m sure she has a whole team on that mountain in Malibu protecting her,” she added. “But [most of] my community isn’t protected in that way. So I find it really problematic that they say ‘trans activist or advocate Caitlyn Jenner.’ No, it’s Caitlyn Jenner, who’s a very specific person with a specific set of experiences that are very monied, very white, very privileged. She can say [those things] on behalf of herself, but I don’t think on behalf of the community.”

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