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Jason Collins Signs w/ Brooklyn Nets!

Congratulations, Jason Collins!!

We officially have our first openly gay player actively playing in the NBA now that Jason Collins has signed with the Brooklyn Nets!

From Outsports:

Jason Collins has been signed by the Brooklyn Nets. Another brick from the wall has fallen.

With the signing, the NBA is the first of the Big Four sports leagues in the United States to have an active openly gay player. To be sure, they already had that distinction last spring when Collins first came out publicly. But then he was at the end of a contract and no playing time was in sight.

This is completely different. This is a team signing a player knowing he's gay. It's a team owned by a hip-hop mogul, a former NBA star and a Russian.

Even more importantly, the Nets are a team fighting for a playoff spot. Currently tied for fifth in the Eastern Conference, they are only four games out of the dreaded ninth spot. This isn't a team looking for a publicity stunt to sell tickets: This is a team looking for home-court advantage in the first round and a shot at the NBA Finals.

According to Sports Mole, Collins may make his debut on Sunday night. His deal is currently short-term (an initial 10-day contract). 


We're excited to see you on the court, Jason!!