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Jason Collins To Wear No. 98 Jersey To Honor Matthew Shepard

Jason Collins, who's currently playing under a short-term contract for the Brooklyn Nets, had to wear number 46 on Sunday when he made his return to the court, but that will change on Wednesday when the Nets face off against the Portland Trail Blazers. 

During that game, Collins will don number 98 in honor of Matthew Shepard!


Collins had to wear No. 46 on Sunday because there wasn't enough time to get No. 98 ready for his first game.

He will wear No. 98 -- starting Wednesday night at Portland -- in honor of Matthew Shepard, a student at the University of Wyoming who was tortured, beaten and murdered in 1998 in an anti-gay hate crime.

The NBA has decided to make Collins' number 98 jersey available for purchase due to high demand.

We love it!!

Collins began wearing number 98 years ago, prior to his coming out. He says his message is simple: "Live your authentic life."




I support this 100% thank you jason for your message to all of us.

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