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'Jawbreaker': E! Developing TV Series Adaptation Of Cult Film Fave

Fans of 1999 cult film hit Jawbreaker have reason to celebrate, E! is developing the film as a television series and Jawbreaker writer/director Darren Stein is at the helm alongside G.B.F. writer George Northy! The pair will co-write and executive produce the scripted hour long series.

Deadline reports:

The Jawbreaker series is a wild reimagining of the 1999 film set in the fame-obsessed world of Beverly Hills. The adaptation follows a new clique whose world is rocked by an accidental killing at a bachelorette party. The incident sets in motion an audacious, juicy soap in which the women will go to great lengths to keep their secret hidden. Should the project move forward, E!’s sister studio Universal Cable Productions likely would come aboard to co-produce with Sony.

Between Jawbreaker and Heathers, so many of our faves are finding new life in television! Excited??