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Jeffrey Tambor Transitions In Amazon's Transgender Family Drama 'Transparent': Trailer

Check out the trailer for Amazon's new streaming series, Transparent created by Jill Soloway and starring Jeffrey Tambor, Judith Light, Gaby Hoffman and more!

Entertainment Weekly writes:

All parents have their secrets. Some smoke cigarettes behind their childrens’ backs; others lie about their past recreational drug use. In Amazon’s Transparent though, Jeffrey Tambor’s Mort has a much bigger secret: As one of his children, played by Gaby Hoffmann says, “Dad is a woman.”

Mort’s three grown children are finding out their father’s identity for the first time while their mom is more aware of her spouse’s feminine taste—although she’s under the impression it’s a simple game of dress-up. “It’s his thing; it’s his little private kink,” Mort’s wife, played by Judith Light, says. But Mort’s affinity for dressing in women’s clothing is more than simply a “kink.” “My whole life I’ve been dressing up like a man,” she says in tender moment with her daughter. “This is me.”


The trailer looks really compelling and the various characters all appear to have much to delve into over the course of the series. We're excited to get a potentially poignant and fresh exploration of the transgender experience. 

What do you think of the trailer, Instincters? Will you be checking out Transparent?

Transparent will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Sept. 26.


(H/T: EW)


Love it, can´t wait

Also the talented & fabulous Alexandra Billings (who I wish was a closer friend) is in it! So I'm sure that it will be Great oh and I'm sure that Jeffrey Tambor is good too!

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