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'Jem And The Holograms' Movie Reveals Cast!

We were extremely excited when news broke in March that the 80's cartoon series Jem and The Holograms would be getting live action feature--and now we've got the cast!

The Jem and The Holograms film's official website made the big announcement and released this image of the actresses in character:






Cast members include: 







Jem - Aubrey Peeples


Kimber - Stefanie Scott

Aja - Hayley Kiyoko

Shana - Aurora Perrineau

No word yet on who will see as The Misfits! (We're just assuming the Misfits will play a part in the film because what's Jem and The Holograms without Pizzazz and her crew??)

​What do you think of the casting so far, Instincters? 



WHERE IS SHANA?! negative...won't be getting my money. #boycott

They look great! They just have to play the role of each of the cartoon characters. Just like any actors playing a role of any superheroes or villains including Spider-man, X-men, etc. They have to keep the original essence of the cartoon character.

Aubrey Peeples is NOT Jem. I suspect the directors are choosing high profiles in order to further their own careers. Its not about who would really fit this role, its about how far the directors can reach which is wrong in my opinion. I say..err..write that they should take a chance and choose an unknown. I also hope they don't make the special fx too modern but rather try to give them a vintage 80's (limited) feel. They should totally ask the original voice of Synergy to do the voice over acting for the film. 

I just realized....where's Raya? ._.  Where's Carmen "Raya" De Alonso?  Is she even going to be in this?  Because for literally half the cartoon show she was in it, and very significantly.  She's honestly my favorite hologram, and the episodes I remember the best are the ones with her in them.

To that end, I know The Misfits are going to be in the movie, but what about The Stingers?  Will they make an appearance?  Even a mention?

Also, does Christy Marx know this movie is coming?  Has she had any hand in consultation at least?  She was the main writer for the cartoon series for pete's sake, and she's a good writer (she wrote Beast War's "Transmutation", and it brought me to tears every time).

REALLY PEOPLE!! I was born in Korea, and you could imagine I look Asian, but that really doesn't matter! What sickens me is that there are quite a few of you who are racially profiling these actresses simply because they are not "Black" or not "Asian" enough. The problem is not Hollywood, but you. Really look at what you are saying. Saying a biracial woman is not a "Real black woman" is simply wrong. I am taking my daughter to see this movie not because I approve of Hollywood's choice in actresses, but because as long as the message behind JEM and the Holograms stays true today as it did in the 80s nothing else should matter. That is what I remember about JEM in the 80s! Not what each girl looked like, but what they were trying to teach us.

No it's not wrong to say that. It's wrong to pass up the many actual Black women that fit the role perfectly because they're real Black females like the character was. Keke Palmer is the same age as the girls who were cast. She also has brown skin and can sing. I agree with another poster, this movie is going to be a complete dud.

I have so many found memories watching and imitating the Jem cartoon with my cousins as a child. I was initially excited to share that piece of my childhood with my own daughter, but in looking at the press release photos, "I wondered where is Shana?" I wanted a character my daughter would see resembled her. Not to take anything away from Aurora as a bi-racial woman, but this casting choice comes up short in casting a brown-skinned character to play Shana, when roles available to brown-skinned girls are already limited.

Look with your own two eyes.  Aurora is brown-skinned.  She does have the proper heritage, and I don't mind that she's playing Shana at all.  I think it's wonderful, because bi-racial or multi-racial people get the worst of it because absolutely EVERYONE tells them that they are or have to be one or the other.  They can't ever be both without people like you saying, "why isn't she brown/black/etc enough"?  Well, I'm sorry, but they can't take away half of them or a quarter of them just instantly.

1. She is not brown-skinned. 
2. "Proper heritage" or not is irrelevant. She could have two black parents and still be light-skinned and she would still be wrong for the role.
3. Nobody is trying to take away half of anybody. You sound stupid and you're contradicting yourself. The character is not "both", the character is Black. 

No to Aubrey Peeples. She's not Jem worthy. I'm sorry, but this is already being screwed up. Not to mention that the actress playing Shana doesn't quite fit the bill either. True Jem fans would know this.

This is everything I ever wanted!

Who will play pizazz? That's what I want to know! 

Back to the race thing and Hollywood. Why is Leonardo Dicaprio scheduled to play Martin Luther King in the MLK movie?

If you switched "Leonardo Dicaprio" with "Jamie Foxx" then you'd be correct. People will just say anything without doing research, lazy America.

Don't even worry about it. This movie is going straight to dvd, so it doesn't matter who plays who. It's all a bunch of cookie cutter actresses who look nothing like the cartoon they're based on. It will crash and burn and will be forgotten in less than a year of it's release.

I doubt it'll go straight to DVD, but you're right about the actresses. If they don't make cast changes, they won't get their $ back.

Straight to video? NOT! Director John Chu's films have earned the studios a lot of money and unless there is a last minute decision to send it to video, count on this being released nationwide next year.

Guess they don't want a smash hit on their hands, Wonder why they don't make it using computer graphics? Classy animation is far better entertainment then aspiring thespians attempting to read lines (note not act) Plus who are or what were Jem and the Holograms?

Jem was Barbie meets She-ra meets Facts of Life. She and her friends raised orphans, perform for charity functions and stop evil goers (The Misfits). Check it out on YouTube.

Classy animation!  What is that?  Computer Generated Imagery.  (note not a cartoon) 

The only thing worse than aspiring thespians attempting to read lines is Glebe.C attempting to write them.  

Jem and the Holograms!  What/who was that?  Saturday morning fierceness!!!  Google it before you hate on it.

Jem and the Holograms are a  piece of classic 80s childhood. 

Are they planning to make a live-movie of the Popples or the Care Bears too ??

Aja is being played by an asian actress

Shana is being played by a black actress

What is the problem?

I didn't realize that there were other races on Jem, I guess I was just a colorblind kid. 

LOL at all the people saying that we should just "get over it" How many f'ing times have I heard that when expressing something that obviously is just not right when it comes to race.. it is absolutely sickening.. In the cartoon, there was clearly an Asian character and a Black character... The two actresses they have playing have only a trace of these 2 groups of people... What message is that sending to people??

that it doesn't matter what race you are, the most qualified person for the role got cast. That's what it says.

So in your opinion all black people and all Asian people look just alike so it doesn't matter who you pick to fill a role.  One black person is just as good as another.  One drop of black blood and we're black.   No respect for the fact that we come in many shapes, sizes and hues.  There is no need to honor the integrity of the character Shana (Who was not only a brown skinned black woman but had a purple AFRO.  Please tell me how the half white chick is going to pull that off.) whose signature look is just as important as Jem or Kimber and cast someone who looked like her.  If you look at her the girl playing Shana looks more white than black.  With her very light complexion she would have been a more believable Jem.  But, I dare say that if the half white girl had been cast as Jem this movie would have never seen the light of day.


Jem is from Nashville on ABC, Kimber is from Ant farm on Disney, and Aja is from Scooby doo on cartoon network

Aubrey is from my acting class and she is GREAT! I'm sure she WILL be truly Outrageous! 

Nope big screw up on Aja and Shana!! Boo! And screw those who are trying to downplay how these characters look!! That is VERY IMPORTANT!

But I hope to God they know how to act as well.

Honestly, I had no Idea when the original cartoon came out there were different races. I just saw girl cartoons. 

The girl playing JEM is from the tv show Nashville, acts ok and can sing, but the others I've never heard of. 

Who the fuck are these bitches?  They couldn't get real actors for this?  This movie is going to suck. 

What right do you have to call them names just because they're not hot Hollywood actresses that you recognize? Get a life!

It looks very whitewashed. Shana was brown skinned with curly natural hair and the girl cast for Aja barely looks asian. Very disappointed with this line up.


Oh please...  Can we get over the boo hoo black bullshit?  By saying someone isn't black enough is just as discriminating.  

is it too much to ask to have a black girl who looks as black  as the cartoon character play the black girl? what's hollywood trying to say, they can't find a real 100% african to play an african! gtoh

Yes, actually, it kind of is. That would mean there are more than likely even less roles for those who are of mixed heritage. That's just as wrong.

There are 2 white girls in the band.  Why couldn't Jem be played by the biracial girl?  She looks more white than black and definitely makes a more believable Jem than Shana.

Wouldn't that be more fair?  Why are there 2 white girls in the cast when people of mixed heritage don't have enough roles?

No. What would make it more fair is to have people writing more original content with strong characters of all ethnicities and correctly casting those people as those races/ethinicities. Otherwise, everyone has a picture already established in their head and this kind of thing happens.

Is it too much to ask that you get over it?

Yes it is. Just this week ABC World News aired a segment on a modern day doll test. As a society we have much work to do. Little brown skinned and Asian girls should be able to reflections of themselves in the world. Instead of the imagery that having a fair complection is more desirable. I wish the casting of this film was more reflective of the show I grew up watching.

i'm not too sure how i feel about this but i will put my faith in hoping that it will be truly truly truly outrageous ;) 


Uhhh... no Shana was black. They have it right.

Aja was actually Asian if I remember correctly. They hired someone that looks similar in my opinion to the original character. 

aja was asian and i'm pretty sure the girl playing her is asian. 

shana is the black girl, and the actress they have playing her doesn't look black. in the cartoon she was dark-skinned.growing up as a black girl in the 80's there weren't  alot of black female characters for girls to look up  to. it'd be nice if they didn't try to make everyone look the same. let the asian girl aja look asian,let the black girl shana look black, let the 2 white girls jem and kimber look white. kids want to see images that look like themselves. not this 1 size fit all color palette.

Does this mean biracial actresses need not apply for the job?  They are not asian enough or black enough?

Can you not see that this girl looks NOTHING LIKE Shana?  Or in your opinion all black people look alike?  One drop of black blood and we are black.  No need to respect that we come in different shape, sizes, or hues.  No need to respect the integrity of the character of Shana by casting an actress that actually LOOKS like her.  Brown skin with a Purple Afro.  Yes, biracial girls(with brown skin and tight curls) who actually LOOK like Shana are welcome to apply.  Biracial girls who look more like white girls and NOTHING like Shana need not apply.

The funny thing is that the girl playing Shana actually looks more like Jem.  She looks more white than black and would have been a more believable Jem than Shana. 

But I seriously doubt you would be spitting this bs if that half black girl had been cast as Jem.  This movie would have never seen the light of day.

Actually, while it's not right in and of itself, I actually would be surprised if no one cried out against her being cast as Jem. Now they would get shot down usually due to racial privilege and possibly rightly so but that doesn't mean it wouldn't happen.

^--- THIS SO MUCH THIS! Hayley is of Asian descent! Why does that invalidate her when it comes to playing roles that are supposed to be of that heritage? For me, Aja didn't really "look" Asian either. (Reference:

My stomach turned at the idea of saying someone of Asian descent "doesn't look Asian enough". Where is the line?

Actually, if we want to teach equality, we should NOT cast simply because of race but rather who is the best fit for the role in all aspects. Saying that ONLY a person of a specific race can play that role does the same thing as excluding someone for the same reason. 

Ahhh finally omg omg lol stoked

I have no clue who these people are.

Is that necessarily a bad thing?

This might be greatness in the making. Im hoping it does well.

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